6 easy ways to keep your child in good health

15 October is Global Handwashing Day. Washing hands regularly is the simplest way to keep junior healthy. Check out other easy steps to ensure that he stays in the pink of health.  


Nothing’s worse than nursing a sick child, so it’s best to prevent the onset of illness. One way is to instil healthy habits in your little one from the get-go, such as doing something as simple as making sure he washes his hands. Check out other easy-peasy ways to keep the bugs at bay:

1. Wash hands
Handwashing is a simple and effective way to prevent the spread of illnesses, such as influenza and hand, foot and mouth disease. Make up a fun jingle to encourage your child to wash his hands at appropriate times (say, after meal times and using the toilet). Keep a sturdy step-stool in the bathroom, so he can reach the sink. Get a hand-soap dispenser in the shape of an animal or favourite cartoon character to make handwashing fun.

2. Teach good personal habits
Teach him to cover his nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing. It will be useful to pack tissues when the family is out and about so you can offer them when he needs to clean up.

3. Offer plenty of water and healthy food
The Health Promotion Board recommends that by consuming a variety of foods from the three food groups — brown rice and wholemeal bread, fruit and vegetables, meat and others — children will have all the nutrients they need. Fruits and vegetables are packed with vitamins, minerals and fibre so get your child into the habit of eating brightly coloured fruits and vegetables every day. Wholegrain foods such as wholemeal bread, brown rice and oats are also packed with the same goodness. Other super-foods include dairy products such as milk, cheese and yogurt, which help build strong, healthy bones and teeth in children. Drinking lots of plain water helps flush waste products from his body and maintains his body temperature.