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Enter an interactive space where you can experience the coolest technology that will shape the way you live, work and play. 1st ever in Asia!

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SmartGen, a platform for you to interact with leading thinkers as well as learn how to adapt to a future defined by technology, is a unique two-day event designed to enable the first generation of the 21st century to learn and play smarter than ever, and ultimately, to ensure that they are well prepared for the future.

Join us at SmartGen, the 1st ever in Asia, where we’ll look at how technology is shaping today’s education, and also how we can make the most of its benefits. We will explore the latest trends and newest products. The SMARTgen Conference for Youths and Parents also offers you the latest research to help you come to grips on how to prepare for tomorrow’s competitive employment market.

What you can expect at SmartGen!

Immersive Experiences Zone
Enter an interactive space and experience the coolest technology that will shape the way you live, work and play!
• Step into an exciting new world of Augmented and Virtual Reality and marvel at what technology has to offer
• Geek out! Test and play with never-before-seen prototypes and cutting-edge gadgets
• Dine at TechCafé, where robots will print and serve your food…

Cool Talks
A 2-day power-packed seminar for youths and parents
Get set to be motivated and inspired by Singapore’s top tech movers and shakers ― the industry’s best and brightest will share the secrets of their success.

This talk will tackle today’s biggest topics revolving around innovation, success, technology and entrepreneurship. Learn how you can prep your child with life skills that will future-proof their careers.  

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Cool Classes
Build a website, make a movie or create an app!
The ultimate tech workshop for students between 10 and 19 years old, your kid will get an introduction to the most in-demand 21st-century skills through fun and interactive activities. Classes are conducted by renowned enterprises such as General Assembly, Singapore Media Academy and more.

Learn more about SMARTgen's workshop here. Get your early bird tickets now. Promo ends 31 Jan. 

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Join us and prepare your child for a 21st century career. Get valuable advise from top industry players from Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, TripAdvisor, Uber and more...

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