Why Your Young Explorer Needs Growing-Up Milk

By selecting the right formula, you can enhance your child’s immune system and digestive health.

*How Friso makes your child strong so that he can experience more together

Your toddler is at the right age where a visit to the beach, a planned road trip, camping and hiking or even travelling overseas is guaranteed to get your little munchkin excited. Such outings will also give you and your peewee the perfect opportunity to bond and experience more together. As your kewpie starts exploring his world — and achieving new milestones — he’ll require a balanced nutrition to support his needs at this stage of rapid growth.

Outdoor Experiences

Friso believes experience is your child’s best teacher — the more he experiences, the more he develops. But for your mini-me to stay healthy and enjoy life’s experiences, he needs to be strong inside.

        High-quality milk is the starting point in producing nutrient-rich powder milk at Friso. Its milk comes from over 20,000 farms in The Netherlands where special care is taken of in all aspects of the farm, from the quality of the soil to the quality feed for its purebred cows.

        Combining the dairy expertise of its dedicated farmers with high-tech milking and monitoring systems, the scientists at Friso have also created a special process to ensure that the high-quality and naturally nutrient-rich milk goes directly from the farms to the factory where the goodness is locked in to provide the nutrition that your child needs to be strong inside.

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