We are a group of mums (and dads) who want to be better parents. We may not be there yet, but then, parenting is all about learning on the job. That’s why SmartParents is about sharing our collective parenting wisdom. Our experiences are universal ― some insights are from doctors, some from experts in their respective fields, but mostly, we are all parents ― just like you.

As parents, we have loads of info to get a handle on, especially since our children ― the millennials ― are growing up with Web 2.0. And as we move towards Web 3.0 and beyond, we understand (and know) that things can get increasingly more confusing with so much out there. Which is why..

… We want to be that voice you hear, the one that makes sense amid all the clamour.
… We want to be there for you when you’re planning to start a family.
… We want to support you when you breastfeed your firstborn.
… We want to help you boost your little one’s brain development.
… We want to ease your child’s first day in childcare or primary school.
… We want to play a role as your teen takes his own steps towards adulthood.
… We want to share any good news and great deals with you.

Most of all, we want to be a part of that rewarding journey you make to becoming a better parent. SmartParents.sg is a one-stop information resource for parents with children up to age 14. This easy-to-navigate site is packed with all the facts you’ll need to guide you in your parenting journey ― from helpful pregnancy pointers and advice on bringing up baby and tweens, to all that’s in between, including ways to strengthen relationships and maintain a work-life balance. Backed by teams from the former BabyCare and Mother & Baby Singapore magazines, smartparents.sg brings you everything from real-life stories to easy-to-access insights by our panel of experts, so you can make smart parenting choices.

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