7 less-obvious baby firsts

You rush to capture bubba’s first flip, but make sure to also celebrate his less-apparent but still special moments!

As parents, we can’t wait to gloat over and immortalise on film those big milestones in our baby’s life — from their first smile to the first tooth and of course, the first steps.

But you ought to cheer on your cherub’s lesser known but no-less-important landmark moments as well. These give you a fascinating peek into junior’s developing mind and body. We also show you how you can support their progress…

1) The first time baby reaches for you

With arms wide open, your mini-me leans their entire body towards you as they demand to be carried. While this could be the start of “the clingy months”, it’s also a sign that they recognise that there’s a whole world of people, toys and other interesting objects beyond their cot and play mat. And what’s even more amazing — they can use their arms and hands to touch those things!

It’s also one of their first steps towards communicating their desires — “Mummy, carry me, please!” — to you. This is likely to happen at around the fifth month.

 As your peewee nears 6 months of age, she may start to turn to look at you when you say her name.

2) The first time you bring baby out on your own

More of a milestone for you than for your baby, this day may also mark the end of your confinement at home.

You might have struggled with the endless list of baby barang to bring along and pored over mall directories looking for nursing rooms, but the results are more than worth it. If bubba isn’t keen on the stroller, pop them in a baby carrier — they’ll love being close to you, while the swaying movements as you walk will remind them of being in your womb.

3) The first time they respond to their name

As your peewee nears 6 months of age, they may start to turn to look at you when you say their name. This shows that they understand that when those sounds are uttered, they are referring to them.

It’s also a sign that they are discovering their independence, that they are their own person and not part of you. By pointing to different people and objects and saying their name, you are teaching your baby that everyone and everything has their own identity.

Four more subtle baby firsts that you will love watching out for!