7 sure-fire tips — baby will smile for photos

No bubba's gummy grin in holidays' snaps? SmartParents’ stylists Lim Jae-Lyn and Paulyn Ng share their secrets to smiling photos.


1. Tickle your baby lightly on their arms, feet or tummy
2.  Clap your hands while smiling at bubba.
3. Attract his attention with a sound like a rattle, or jingling your keys (just don’t do it in baby’s face).
4. Soft toys are a good way to get baby’s attention (colourful and soft and cuddly). If baby has a favourite, keep it handy.
5. “Throw” peewee up and down in the air — baby should barely leave your hands but still enjoy the “flying” sensation. Traditional sounds to make include: “Wheeeee” and “Upsie-daisy!”.
6. Play Peekaboo with bubs.
7. Making silly sounds or sing a child’s song while making faces.

Above all, watch your child to make sure you’re not tiring baby out — 45 minutes is the average utter limit.

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