7 tips to get baby eating

If bubba’s still not eating, overhaul your lunch strategy with these tips.


1. Get toys out 

If she loses interest in meals, rope in her favourite teddy. Alternate “feeding” teddy, then her, or encourage her to get Ted to eat. She’ll love it and will probably consume more as a result.  

2. Have a real picnic

Pack a basket of her food, a blanket and some toys, then head to the park. Take some bread for the ducks, so your baby can see them having their lunch, too.

3. Invite another baby around

“Babies are natural copycats, which is why yours may eat better when she’s at nursery and copying other babies, than at home,” nutritionist Charlotte Stirling-Reed says. So, invite a fellow mum and baby round for tea — just make sure they’re also good eaters.

4. Eat as a family

“If she sees you, her older siblings or family members sitting around the table and eating, then she’ll want to follow suit,” nutritionist Helen Gardiner says. It’s why second children often have a good appetite.

5. Go to a restaurant

Pick a child-friendly one and show your baby how enjoyable sociable eating can be. The staff will make a fuss of her and she’ll probably get crayons and a balloon, which will help her associate food with fun.

6. Enjoy a carpet feast

Bored with the high chair? Your baby probably is, too. Dust off a blanket, put it on the living room carpet and have a picnic with your little one.

7. Hand over control

“Don’t turn mealtimes into a power struggle,” advises nutritionist Issy Langly-Smith. “Give your baby a spoon (even if you’re feeding her purée) and follow her lead.”

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