8 cool things baby can do

Did you know your baby can wave bye-bye at 9 months? That junior can see you for real at 3 months?  


Flying with a crying baby is good

You probably hesitate taking an airplane with your baby as you’re afraid he’ll be restless, or the cabin pressure will make his ears “pop”, triggering a crying frenzy. Just remember that when he cries, it’ll open his Eustachian tubes (part of the middle ear) and offer him relief. If he continues to cry, let him exhaust himself, as for the passengers…aren’t headsets free? Let him sleep during take-offs and landings, or breastfeed him.


Waving bye-bye by 9 months

By 9 months, seeing your tot waving is more than a cute hand gesture because he’s managed to connect the phrase “bye-bye” to the movement of the hand. By this age, most babies will form links between sounds, gestures and their meaning.


Newborns are super-short-sighted

Most newborns are able to turn their head towards or follow the light, but don’t fret if bubba hasn’t noticed the plushie hanging above his head — newborns are near-sighted and can only focus on things that are 25cm from them. But after three months, it’s time to sound the alarm if your infant’s eyes are uncoordinated, crossed (it can lead to lazy eye), or teary (a sign of blocked tear ducts).


Baby needs some fresh air — for real

Getting some fresh air not only gives you a break and clears your mind, it also helps bubba’s brain develop. That’s because he’s able to soak in his environment, so that when he sleeps, his brain converts all this vital material into long-term memory. It’ll help if you talk him through the walk, saying things like, “Look at those kids on the swing.” Plus, it’ll also hone his language skills.


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