8 reasons you'll always baby your youngest child

The littlest one of your family always seems to be unashamedly indulged…and there’s good reason why.


We’ve all seen how siblings can be so different from one another, and how birth order can perhaps play a role in junior’s personality.

The oldest child is often the natural born leader, the middle children are likely to be more relaxed and less ambitious, while the littlest ones get away with everything.

In many ways, your youngest child will hold a special place in your heart ― and in your family.

Says mum Marie Ng, who is 7 months’ pregnant with her third child, “Knowing that this will be my last child makes me treasure everything more ― every ultrasound scan, or kick in the ribs makes me feel emotional, as I know I will never have the experience again.”

That said, parents are always more likely to lavish more attention on the youngest child, let them have their own way, and take their side in an argument, for the very fact that they are littler.

In many ways, your youngest child will hold a special place in your heart ― and in your family.

In fact, there are a host of reasons why you may always baby your youngest child:

1. You see the light at the end of the tunnel
Remember those sleepless newborn days and late-night feedings? While you may have felt like it was a never ending cycle of sleep, feed, diaper changing (“where did my life go!?”) when you carried out these duties for your older children, it’s quite a different experience when you’re going through it with your last child.

Says Tan Hoon Ying, who’s oldest son, Jared, is 7, “With Jared, the whole newborn period was a haze. I just kept looking at the clock, thinking, when is the next feed, when must I wake up?”

But with her younger daughter Janelle, 11 months, she notes, “I found myself loving the late-night feeds, nursing her in bed and just looking at her face. Part of it is because I know that she will eventually start sleeping through the night, and so I’m relishing these night feeds.”

2. You know you can’t spoil her forever
Some relative or other might have told you to stop picking up your precious baby the instant she cries, or she will be overindulged. Right?

Wrong. Your little baby will soon enter toddlerhood, start preschool, and hey, there will come that very last time she’ll ever demand that you to carry her (are you sobbing yet?). So yes, there is no such thing as spoiling her forever, and you now know that.