BUYER’S GUIDE Top diaper bags in Singapore

For a carryall that holds everything from diapers to milk bottles, check out our list of top 10 diaper bags.

Buyers Guide - Top Diaper Bags in Singapore
Buyers Guide - Top Diaper Bags in Singapore By Cindy Lim
11 Apr 2016

Buyers Guide - Top Diaper Bags in Singapore

LeSportsac Baby Travel Bag (ed’s choice)
LeSportsac Baby Travel Bag (ed’s choice) By Cindy Lim
11 Apr 2016

LeSportsac Baby Travel Bag (ed’s choice)

PRICE $148

FROM LeSportsac.

WHAT Cute and functional, with a zip closure. Has pockets, including exterior ones, plus a matching baby-changing pad.

PROS Water-resistant, with thick straps.

CONS Small.

Karen says “Easy to use and carry — one of the best I’ve come across. It’d be perfect if it came with a wet bag, too.”

Hazen says “Cute prints! Small for a diaper bag but the interior holds a lot!”

SP says Fun, functional and spacious for its size — score!

Okiedog Trek backpack diaper bag (mum’s fave)
Okiedog Trek backpack diaper bag (mum’s fave) By Cindy Lim
11 Apr 2016

Okiedog Trek backpack diaper bag (mum’s fave)

PRICE $129

FROM OG, Isetan and Kiddy Palace.

WHAT Uniquely designed backpack that can also be used as a carry-on or attached to the stroller. Bright, contrasting lining with pockets and two handy loops, so small things won't go missing. Comes with antibacterial changing mat, accessory bag and insulated bottle holder. Okiedog bags are PVC-, phthalate- and BPA-free.

PROS Light, even when full, and washable.

CONS The exterior is not water-resistant.

Jade says “This backpack diaper bag is really convenient and easy to use. The bag itself looks small, but good use is made of every available space.”

Shwu Huey says “Very comfortable to carry, even when loaded — perfect for baby-wearing mums. The thick straps provide soft cushioning but are thin enough that it doesn’t feel chunky on the shoulders.”

SP says Well- thought-out design that has all the features mums love and want.

Okkatots backpack diaper bag (dad’s fave)
Okkatots backpack diaper bag (dad’s fave)
11 Apr 2016

Okkatots backpack diaper bag (dad’s fave)

PRICE $99.90


WHAT This compact water-resistant buy offers tons of storage space, including insulated pockets for bottles. Opens up into a diaper-changing station with a large, soft change mat and removable wipes dispenser.

PROS Easy one-hand access and padded shoulder strap that unzips into two thinner ones. Firm and sturdy base.

CONS Staid design.

Karen says “Great if you put baby in a front carrier as you’re virtually hands-free.”

Hazen says “It’s light and I can fit plenty of stuff inside. When my husband carried it, his friends thought it was a laptop bag!”

SP says A practical and useful diaper backpack that’s a hit with the dads!

Rootote Mammy Roo
Rootote Mammy Roo By Cindy Lim
11 Apr 2016

Rootote Mammy Roo


FROM Isetan (L1 handbags department).

WHAT This light and attractive bag in a waterproof material is available in fun prints and can be hooked onto a stroller. Boasts a small pouch, changing mat and detachable strap.

PROS Lightweight and well-made with generous storage space.

CONS Thin straps tend to cut into shoulders when the bag is full. As the bag doesn’t close fully, things can fall out or get wet. 

Karen says “Love how easily I can access my stuff. But there are no proper compartments to keep bottles and hot-water flasks upright.”

Hazen says “It’s light, easy to use and stylish  — I’d have no qualms using this as a shopping bag.”

SP says Pretty and roomy, it’s great for mums with older tots.

Skip Hop Signature Diaper Bag
Skip Hop Signature Diaper Bag By Cindy Lim
11 Apr 2016

Skip Hop Signature Diaper Bag

PRICE $109

FROM Mothercare, Motherswork, Isetan, Kiddy Palace, OG and

WHAT This versatile bag converts easily from a shoulder bag to a stroller bag. Zipper top, grab handles, plus lots of storage space. Also has elasticised mesh bottle pockets and a cushioned changing pad.

PROS Unisex design that suits both mums and dads, and offers one-hand access. Easy to slot a tablet in the front pocket.

CONS Narrow interior, so when full, it’s difficult to locate your stuff.

Karen says “It can fit a 15-inch laptop, though lugging around one is the last thing on my mind with a little baby!”

Hazen says “Attractive and lightweight — my husband wouldn’t mind using this as a messenger bag when baby is older.”

SP says Great bag for tech- savvy parents.

Storksak Bobby (most stylish)
Storksak Bobby (most stylish) By Cindy Lim
11 Apr 2016

Storksak Bobby (most stylish)

PRICE $249

FROM Motherswork.

WHAT This chic quilted nylon tote has a padded changing mat, insulated bottle holder, matching pacifier case and eight compartments. Includes a detachable, plus built-in stroller straps and an insulated storage bag. The Velcro handle lets you attach it to a stroller.

PROS Of good quality, easy to carry, with a zip opening.

CONS Pricey.

Jade says “Love it — it’s in a different league from other diaper bags!”

Shwu Huey says “I can bring this everywhere — from the park to a party or fancy restaurant — it’s perfect for any occasion!”

SP says Gorgeous! Elegant, chic and efficient, it’s the grande dame of diaper bags.


Tollyjoy Baby Nursery Bag
Tollyjoy Baby Nursery Bag By Cindy Lim
11 Apr 2016

Tollyjoy Baby Nursery Bag

PRICE $24.90

FROM Major department stores and Kiddy Palace.

WHAT Fuss-free diaper bag with lots of storage space, including pockets, for baby essentials.

PROS Cheap, easy to clean and roomy.

CONS Basic features and the material is thin.

Jade says “Am not a fan of the design, although it provides easy access to my things.”

Shwu Huey says “Although basic, it’s really practical and spacious — I can see myself using this as a beach bag when my kids are older!”

SP says Basic no-frills bag that serves you well.

Vanchi Ziggy Tote Nappy Bag
Vanchi Ziggy Tote Nappy Bag By Cindy Lim
11 Apr 2016

Vanchi Ziggy Tote Nappy Bag

PRICE $129.97

FROM DearBaby

WHAT Multiple pockets, large change mat, snack container and insulated bottle. Carry it or strap to your stroller.

PROS This stylish tote with comfy straps features a large wet bag for soiled items.

CONS Heavy, plus it’s tricky to clean the NU leather exterior.

Karen says “I love the extras! Great design, too.”

Hazen says “Easy to find my stuff and comes with great features. However, it’s rather heavy and bulky.”

SP says Packed with features, it’s small enough to use as an everyday handbag, but large enough to fit all your baby essentials.

Bellotte luxury tote bag (best value)
Bellotte luxury tote bag (best value) By Cindy Lim
11 Apr 2016

Bellotte luxury tote bag (best value)



WHAT With a water-resistant exterior, this tote is packed with features — front pocket with flap closure, two exterior bottle pockets, adjustable shoulder web and stroller straps, changing pad, dirty duds pouch, as well as storage pockets, including for a pacifier and cell phone, plus insulated ones for bottles.

PROS Spacious, easy to retrieve items, with a zip closure.

CONS Quite big and heavy.

Jade says “I was won over by its functionality and versatility, and it’s easy to clean.”

Shwu Huey says “Roomy and well-designed, organisation is a breeze. I love everything about the bag, except its weight. For the price, it’s a steal!”

SP says Everything you’ll need in a diaper bag — good value for money!

JP Lizzy satchel (lightest) (Top)
JP Lizzy satchel (lightest) (Top) By Cindy Lim
11 Apr 2016

JP Lizzy satchel (lightest) (Top)



WHAT Made with durable fabric, this stylish satchel has a magnetic clasp to secure contents. Comes with a changing pad and four interior pockets (including two adjustable ones for bottles), plus exterior side pockets.

PROS Trendy, light, offers value for money.

CONS Tiny changing mat.

Jade says “Convenient, with lots of easily accessible storage space.”

Shwu Huey says “I like this bag — it’s light and is sturdy when filled up. A zipped top opening would have scored more points!”

SP says A breeze to carry and spacious enough for baby’s necessities for a short trip out!

A well-designed diaper bag is a multi-functional, spacious carryall that’s every mother’s must-have. With so many types in the market, what makes a good one? Fonnie Lo, a lactation consultant at Thomson Medical Centre, suggests looking for one that is machine washable, water-resistant and easy to use.

          A nylon bag is waterproof, yet lightweight. A backpack-style version not only distributes the load evenly on both shoulders — great for a longer trip — it frees both hands for baby’s needs. Pick a tote that you can hang on the stroller, but make sure it’s not so heavy that it’ll cause the buggy to tip over, Lo advises. Other points in choosing a bag are:

Padded straps These should sit comfortably on the shoulders. Even better if the design is ergonomic.

 Access/organisation Must have enough compartments to organise your items. You should be able to zip and unzip it with one hand for easy access. As Velcro can stick to and damage fabric (on the bag or on you), choose one that’s Velcro-free.

OUTSIDE POCKET For personal items that you need to grab in a hurry.

CHANGING MAT To prevent soiling the surrounding area.

EXTRAS A bonus if it offers accessories like insulated bottle holders and even a cooler bag for expressed breastmilk.

          Celine Phua, 33, a stay-at-home mum to Valerie, 8 months, and Cassandra, 3, has many diaper bags but keeps going back to a trusty tote. She enthuses, “It’s stylish, water-resistant and comes with thick insulated pockets for the hot water that I put in milk bottles. No need to lug around a heavy thermos flask, or scurry around looking for hot water when my hungry baby screams!”

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