Best games to play: 0 to age 3

You are your baby’s best teacher, so help her learn the best way, through games you play together!


The time you spend with your tot helps her develop in leaps and bounds. By playing with you, she’s learning how things work and how to interact with other people. In fact, the only time she’s not learning is when she’s bored. So, try these tips that will turn every day into a discovery day, whatever your baby’s age.

0-6 months
Your baby will learn first to support her head, then to reach for objects and pick them up. She’ll begin to babble — the precursor to talking. She’ll recognise familiar faces and follow a moving object with her eyes. Eventually, she’ll be able to see right across the room.

Great ways to play
• Show your baby her reflection in the mirror ― this helps with self-discovery and introduces the idea that the two of you are separate people.

• Encourage her to imitate you through copying games ― Practising facial movements and mimicking sounds help your baby develop the muscles she needs to learn to speak.

6 to 12 months
She’s beginning to move  sitting and rolling, then crawling, pulling up and cruising (walking while holding on for support). She can pass objects from hand to hand, respond to her name, and may say a couple of recognisable words.

Great ways to play
• Using cushions to prop her up helps your baby develop the muscles to sit independently, and leaves her hands free to explore.

• As cruising prepares her muscles for walking independently, give your baby different environments to negotiate offers new challenges.

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