BUYER’S GUIDE 12 milk bottles mums like

Here are the best ones in the market.

12 milk bottles mums like

One mother actually spent the first seven months of her son’s life scouring the shelves in search of the perfect milk bottle for her baby.

            Recalls Constance Tung, 35, mother to Dylan Lee, now 2, “He was fed with expressed breastmilk as he didn’t want to latch on. However, it was a nightmare trying to find a milk bottle and teat he was happy with — I tried many and mixed different brands of bottles and teats together!”

            Advises lactation consultant Fonnie Lo, a senior parent craft services manager at Thomson Medical, “To prevent nipple confusion and rejection of breastfeeding, all mothers should breastfeed their baby exclusively for the first month before they introduce bottles.”

            Then let your baby decide what bottle he likes, even if that means a few misses before you hit pay dirt.

Dr Brown’s Natural Flow Standard Bottle

Dr Brown’s Natural Flow Standard Bottles

FROM Kiddy Palace, Robinsons, OG, Motherswork, Mums & Babes.
WHAT Teats are made of medical-grade silicone, features a patented internal vent system to reduce problems like colic.
PROS Ergonomically shaped, so easy for baby to hold. Value for money and power-packed with anti-colic features.
CONS Too many parts to wash and assemble.

Munchkin Latch
Munchkin Latch

FROM Kiddy Palace, Motherswork, Robinsons, Cold Storage, Takashimaya, OG.
WHAT The unusual accordion nipple eases baby’s transition from breast to bottle and vice versa. An anti-colic valve ensures no air bubbles travel through the breastmilk.
PROS Leak-proof with easy-to-read measurements and anti-colic features. Chubby bottle that works great for babies with colic and problems latching on.
CONS The huge, flexible teat tends to invert, while the bottle is bulky.

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