BUYER’S GUIDE Best play mats for your baby

Cushion bubba’s falls with these pretty play pads!

BUYER’S GUIDE Best play mats for your baby

Getting plenty of floor time is important for your baby’s development. Babies need time both on their tummies and on their backs, so that they can develop their neck and abdominal strength. These muscles are essential for your peewee to eventually roll over, sit up on his own and start crawling.

          Being on the ground also gives your baby a completely different perspective of the world and helps with his visual development and awareness of the environment around him.

          If you’d rather not have your baby in direct contact with the floor, a good quality play mat is one solution.  You’d want something that will cushion your little one’s falls adequately, is non-toxic, easy to clean, and of course, that fits into your home’s aesthetic.

Depending on your budget, click next to see our choice picks and get down with bubba!