From the dizzying array of bath products out there, we’ve sussed out the best ones for your munchkin.

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When it comes to choosing a product to keep bubba clean, we know you want only the best. You may be on the lookout for something organic, something fragrance-free, or the one product you can use on both skin and hair.


So, grab those bath toys and get ready for a splashing good time with these eight choice picks.

California Baby Bubble Bath Calendula


PRICE $24/384ml

FROM Agape Babies

WHAT  Using the Calendula flower that has been used to soothe skin for centuries, this calming bubble bath is made with vegetable-derived bubbling agents that are non-irritating. Its special calming scent includes French lavender.

PROS Great for older babies and tots as the bubbly formula provides lots of fun at bathtime. There’s even a bubble want included!                                                                                       

CONS Some find that you need to use too much of the bath to create bubbles ― which means that it can get very costly.

Curel Instant Foaming Body Wash


PRICE $24.80/480ml

FROM Watsons

WHAT Pump out thick, rich, ultra-dense foam that glides on smoothly on the skin. This foaming body wash is equipped with a unique ceramide technology that improves skin resilience to external irritation.

PROS Great for sensitive or eczema-prone skin. This product can be used by all in the family. Washes off easily and doesn’t leave a sticky or oily feeling.

CONS Some feel that it doesn’t give the “clean” feeling. Plus, older children will love playing with the dense foam – be prepared to go through many pumps during each bathtime!

Cetaphil Baby Ultra Moisturising Bath and Wash


PRICE $12.90/230ml

FROM Guardian

WHAT Recommended by dermatologists and paediatricians, this tear-free hypoallergenic wash cleans your baby’s skin without drying out.  It contains 1/3 baby lotion to create a rich, lathering wash, together with organic calendula, gentle enough for delicate skin.

PROS Very moisturising wash that lathers well.

CONS The floral scent can be a bit overwhelming for a baby bath product.

Sebamed Baby Bubble Bath


PRICE $10.95/200ml

FROM Watsons

WHAT 100 per cent soap and alkali-free, this hypoallergenic no-tears formula protects your little ones’ skin against dryness. It has the same pH as healthy skin ― 5.5, and is free of any dyes, parabens and formaldehyde.

PROS Trusted skincare brand. Pleasant and mild scent that isn’t too overpowering.

CONS If bubbles are what your peewee is after, look elsewhere ― this wash doesn’t get too bubbly!

Kodomo Baby Bath — Moisturising


PRICE $7.50/1litre

FROM FairPrice

WHAT This baby bath is enriched with vitamin E to moisturise and nourish your baby’s delicate skin.

PROS Very value-for-money and lathers well.

CONS Not a lot of information is available about the ingredients.

Pigeon Baby Wash 2-in-1


PRICE $18.90/1litre

FROM Redmart

WHAT  The tear-free, PH-balanced formula gentle cleanses your baby’s hair and skin. It contains Sakura extract to help moisturise dry areas, and it’s free from any colouring agents and sulphates. Paraben-free and hypoallergenic, it’s suitable for the most sensitive skins.

PROS You’ll love that this is a 2-in-one product to wash bubba’s body and hair with. It smells great to boot. Value-for-money.

CONS None.

Gaia Bath and Body Wash


PRICE $19.90/250ml


WHAT This calming baby gel cleanser contains no soap or sulphates that can cause dryness, so it’s great for sensitive and eczema-prone skin. Made of gently coconut-derived cleansing agents, organic sweet orange pure essential oils and skin-softening organic oils, it’s formulated to keep baby’s skin soft and smooth on a daily basis.

PROS A rinse-free formula – a few small drops go a long way. It’s “no-nasties” ingredient list means it can be used on the most delicate skin.

CONS The smell of the essential oils is pleasant but some may find it a bit overpowering. Can be tricky getting the last bit of cleanser out because of the design of the squeeze-bottle.

Mustela Multi-Sensory Bubble Bath


PRICE $14.22/200ml

FROM Pupsik Studio

WHAT  Thanks to a new formula enriched with Avocado Perseose, a patented ingredient of natural origin, this bubble bath reinforces the skin barrier and preserves its cellular resources. It also contains cornflower extract that revives and soothes bubba’s skin.  

PROS Nice, “clean” smell and works great for babies with sensitive skin.

CONS Doesn’t get very frothy, if that’s what you want out of a bubble bath.