Ease your sweetie’s transition from bottle to cup without a fuss with these tried-and-tested sippy cups!

Introduce a sippy or training cup to your munchkin as soon as she is old enough to hold one. A natural progression from the milk bottle, it’s her first step towards drinking from a cup without spilling her drink.
Since prolonged use of milk bottles can contribute to early childhood tooth decay, more mums these days are eager to introduce the sippy cup to their children.
Start by wetting the spout with milk or water, so that your child knows that she is supposed to drink from it. Or simply put the cup close to your own mouth and mimic the action of drinking to encourage her to follow suit. Of course, you mustn’t let your lips touch the spout for hygiene reasons.
Remember that sippy cups are simply a transitional tool. Junior should progress to a cup or a cup with a straw by the time she’s 2 years old.
Here are some of the best toddler sippy cups you can try.


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