Say so long to tantrums and tears at bath time with engaging playthings that’ll capture bubba’s interest and imagination!

Your baby’s bath time is a fantastic opportunity for you to bond with bubba.

He’ll be soothed instantly, thanks to your touch and also the sensation of the warm water.

But not all babies enjoy bath time. Indeed, some will scream the minute they catch sight of the bathtub, while others stiffen up the instance their toes touch the water.

Introducing an amusing bath toy or two into this ritual might see your reluctant bub viewing this daily activity with less unease. These are also a fantastic way to inspire your peewee’s imagination, and hone his fine motor skills, too. If you pick the right ones, they may even provide opportunities to learn about shapes, colour, and balance.

So, we’ve rounded up several fantastic playthings if you’re in the market for a splashing good time.


Boon Pipes Building Bath Toy Set
PRICE $19.90
FROM Pupsik Studio
WHAT Your little ones can stick this set of toy pipes with suction pads on the bathroom wall. Pouring water through the individual pipes teaches bubba about cause and effect, while older kids can connect the pipes in different combinations to create a chain effect. The pipes are BPA-and PVC- free.
PARENTS SAY This toy really promotes creativity! As you can use so many combinations to connect the pipes, even adults will have fun. Best of all, they keep your sweetie still, so that you can soap him.

Munchkin Waterpede Bath Toy
PRICE $15.90
FROM Lazada
WHAT This bath toy gives your peewee loads of visual stimulation. Scoop water over the top, then watch it flow down past spinner wheels and tumble beads through the chambers to the bottom. Suitable for babies over 6 months.
PARENTS SAY We love how cute this toy is! The Waterpede has a friendly face and vibrant colours, and babies would love watching the water flowing through. However, it would be even better if there were suction pads to stick it to the bathroom wall, plus it’s a little small. It’s better suited for younger babies ― toddlers might get bored of it after a while.


Early Learning Centre Bathtime Tea Party
FROM Mothercare
WHAT Designed to fit little hands, this tea party set comes with a floating shape-sorting tray, three “tea cake” squirters, two cups and a teapot.
PARENTS SAY It’s every little girl’s dream bath toy ― in and out of the bath! Mum of two Marianne Salwani got this for her daughter’s second birthday, and she says it’s a game changer at bath time. “She can’t wait to take a bath now as it’s her tea-party time. It’s a brilliant idea because she uses the tea pots and cups to scoop up water and serve “tea” to me.” That said, do watch out for mould build-up in the squirters.


Skip Hop Dunck Floating Bath Toys
PRICE $19.90
FROM Motherswork
WHAT Pour, stack and float these stylish little ducks that are BPA, PVC and phthalate free. Parents can also use it as a rinse cup, after shampooing bubba’s hair. Suitable for 10 months and over.
PARENTS SAY It’s a bit pricey for such a simple toy ― some argue that regular plastic cups would serve the same purpose. But these are made of good quality plastic that won’t warp or crack and come in beautiful colours. No need to drain them in order to keep clean.

innovativeKids Tiny Tugboats Book and Bath Toys
FROM Lazada
WHAT This sweet toy set includes a book and three rubber tug boats your munchkin would love playing with while you read the bath book story together. Includes a mesh storage tube to keep everything together and an activity guide.
PARENTS SAY If you have a little reader on your hands, this toy set will certain thrill him. Junior would adore looking at the cute story about sea vessels, while splashing around with the rubber tugboats and comparing them to the book’s pictures. We love that the rubber toys are easy to clean and store.


Hap-P-Kid Bath Tub Light-Up Pals Turtle
PRICE $9.90
FROM Redmart
WHAT Junior will discover the beauty of light with this adorable floating toy. Put it in the tub and it starts to blink automatically. Besides being visually stimulated, your sweetie will also learn about colours and animals, as well as hone his fine motor skills when he tries to grab the floating toy. Suitable for ages 12 months and up.
PARENTS SAY This simple yet engaging toy is sure to keep bubba entertained! Though it runs on batteries (included), these can last a long time, says Nicolette Chew, mum to Vivien, 1. “I also like that it’s small and easy to keep on the bathroom shelf, without getting clogged up with mould.” This adorable turtle will definitely see your young ’un climbing into the tub without any fuss.


Skip Hop Zoo Wash Mitt
PRICE $11.61
FROM Agape Babies
WHAT Keen to put up a mini-puppet show during bath time? These bath gloves are perfect for pretend playing and washing. Choose from four adorable animals ― a ladybird, a duck, a dog, or an owl ― that will surely thrill your sweetie. The extra-wide mitt fits all hands, while the soft cotton terry material is gentle on your sweetie’s skin.
PARENTS SAY Skip Hop designs never fail to disappoint, and this is no exception. It’s a fantastic idea to combine this bath necessity with an adorable plaything. Leong Qi Kai, mum to Ci Ci, 7 months, loves how fluffy the mitt is. “It’s perfect to scrunch up and let the water trickle down her face. She doesn’t mind it because the duck mitt is so cute.”


Scrunch Bucket
PRICE $13.41
FROM Agape Babies
WHAT This fabulous bucket can be folded, rolled up, then popped back into shape! Made of non-toxic food-grade silicone, it holds 1.5 litres of water. Easy to store and wash, it comes in eight colours.
PARENTS SAY Kids love playing with anything that holds water, so a simple bucket and water are a match made in playtime heaven! We love that you can fold and take this receptacle with you, whether you’re planning a staycation, a beach vacation, or simply collapsed in a corner of your bathroom. Since it’s made of silicone, it won’t scratch your little one with its sharp edges. And when tot outgrows it, you can upcycle it into a planter or a dog bowl!


Alex Rub a Dub Draw in the Tub Crayons
PRICE $9.90
FROM Dear Baby
WHAT Use this set of six colourful bathtub crayons to create bath-time art on bathtub surfaces, as well as on shower walls and tiled surfaces. Each gently formulated crayon can be used on a variety of surfaces. Use a wet sponge or cloth to wipe clean from non-porous surfaces. Suitable for ages 2 and above.
PARENTS SAY You don’t need a bath tub to appreciate these crayons. They work perfectly and wash off well on any tiled or glass surface ― including your shower stall. Stella Yap, mum to Dawn, 2, says that these are a sure way to get her daughter to take her shower. “Of course, the problem is now getting her out of the shower! But we have plenty of fun drawing on the walls together, guilt-free.”

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