TLC is what your bubba’s delicate skin needs.

Caring for baby’s skin


Since a baby’s immature skin is more sensitive and vulnerable to dry air, dust and chemicals like soap, he is more likely to suffer from dryness and skin issues like eczema. Therefore, moisturising well will add a protective layer to the skin, points out Dr Wendy Sinnathamby, a paediatric medicine specialist and consultant at Raffles Children’s Centre.

Get a good lotion

Make sure a good fragrance- and preservative-free lotion or cream is an essential part of your sweetie’s skincare routine. Dr Sinnathamby explains, “Creams have more oil content and less water as opposed to lotions, which have more water and much less oil content. When the child has sensitive skin or eczema, it is better to use moisturising creams as opposed to lotions to seal moisture into the skin, especially after a bath.”

New mum Shareen Goh, 29, loves massaging her 3-month-old baby, Gladys, with a baby cream after her daily bath. “Not only does an effective moisturiser soothe her, it’s very important in keeping her skin hydrated, especially since she sleeps in an air-conditioned room every night.”

Baby skincare tips

Dr Sinnathamby gives tips on how to care for baby’s skin.

  • Use warm, not hot water to bathe your bub.
  • Limit the use of soap.
  • Keep bathtime short and avoid bubble baths.
  • Avoid using rough wash cloths.
  • Pat rather than rub your baby’s skin dry.
  • Apply an emollient soon after drying baby as the cream will seal in any moisture from the bath onto his skin.

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