Can’t wait for bubba to grow up? Trust us, you’ll miss that baby stage when you realise what awaits you!

Bringing home a newborn is usually a shock to one’s system, because it seems like a never-ending cycle of broken sleep, feeding, changing diapers, burping and convincing bub to sleep.

Do this day in day out and very soon you’ feel burned out. As much as you love your little one, there will be days when you will look at your baby and wish they would grow up already.

Make no mistake, it’s hard to raise a child;. As junior grows up and enters toddlerhood certain aspects of parenting does get easier ― and it’s definitely something to look forward to. However, hard as it is to image it right now, you will miss certain things about babyhood .

As fun as they are, an active no-nonsense toddler will make you long for those sweet simple days of babyhood. Here, we round up the six things parents will, at some point, wish they had treasured more at the newborn stage.

While toddlers may not wail for six hours straight, as babies do, they will scream at the top of their lungs if they don’t get the cookie they demanded.

#1 Babies sleep... A LOT!

Up to 20 hours a day, apparently, although it doesn’t feel like it, since their sleep can be pretty erratic, especially in the early days. Since they don’t know how to fall asleep you also have to be around to settle them. Babies may not sleep the way we want them to ― lights off, go to bed ― but they do sleep a lot. In contrast to this, most toddlers who are able to sleep independently at night might decide to drop their naps earlier than you hoped they would. While sleep experts and doctors recommend that children nap until at least 4 years old, many of them give up their afternoon siesta by the time they turn 2. This means they are awake THE ENTIRE DAY! Imagine just how many activities you will have to devise to keep them busy until bedtime. What about handling a super-tired tyke who is having multiple meltdowns as he gets closer to bedtime. It’s enough to make anyone go crazy ― hmmm, maybe this is the time to mutter an excuse to the husband as you need to make a “last- minute grocery run”.

#2 Babies are much quieter than tots

It’s hard to believe this, especially if you’re dealing with a baby who cries day and night for no apparent reason. You relish those rare and fleeting moments of silence and try to look on the bright side ― once bub grows up, all of this will be over. Except that it won’t. While toddlers may not wail for six hours straight, as babies do, they will scream at the top of their lungs if they don’t get the cookie they demanded. Once they learn to speak, they will also never zip it. Get ready to be bombarded with a million “Why?” questions, stories that just don’t make sense and the most long-winded conversations you will ever be part off. The good news ― your future will be way more animated and, yes, louder.



#3 Babies smell so yummy

Remember the first time you inhaled bub’s hair and took in all that yummy goodness? You really can’t quite put your finger on what the scent reminds you off, but it’s utterly delicious and you want to sniff your sweetie all day long. After a day of cuddles, her scent rubs off on you as well, and it lingers on all of her clothes, even after multiple washes ― mmmm, how lovely. Now, are you ready for some bad news? The delicious baby smell disappears once junior becomes a tot. We can’t tell you exactly when it happens, but it does. So, what toddler smell can you expect? Well, urine for one, thanks to potty training, and oh yeah, those nasty farts, accompanied by a loud burst of laughter.

#4 Babies don’t bolt when you’re in public

You thought being out with your newborn was the hardest thing you’ll ever do. Wait till junior starts walking. Now that he’s confident about his mobility, little James is all about the bolting and hiding. Take your eyes off him for a second at the supermarket and the next thing you know, he’s no longer next to you, but three aisles away throwing cans of baked beans on the floor because it’s fun. You’re lucky you found him though, it could have also happened at a super-crowded theme park, and he could have been lost for hours ― and this is your best case scenario! Bet you’re missing those easy days of strapping bub to the carrier or stroller and shopping leisurely, eh?

So, what toddler smell can you expect? Well, urine for one, thanks to potty training, and oh yeah, those nasty farts, accompanied by a loud burst of laughter.

#5 Babies don’t hit, punch, slap or make obnoxious statements when they’re upset

If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of a surprise sucker punch from a tot because you said no to them, then this will make sense to you instantly. Besides needing to be fed, diapered, bathed and cuddled, babies aren’t really that demanding. Once they enter toddlerhood though, everything is all about demand and negotiation. “No, I won’t eat my veggies unless you show me what dessert is and let me have a spoonful first”. “I’m not going to school today because I don’t want to and you can’t make me!”. “I don’t want the pink cup, I want the blue cup!”… And the list of demands go on. Make the mistake of not succumbing to their demands and you’re in for an earful of screaming, kicking and insults. To top it all off, such episodes usually happen in a crowded public area, causing strangers to stop and stare at the embarrassing spectacle your mini-me is creating.

#6 Babies don’t mess up a tidy house

Does it seem like your house has been constantly messy once you brought baby home? Swaddles, diapers, onesies (and backups), burp clothes, wipes… Newborns need a lot of things! So, it was practically impossible to keep your place neat, tidy and clean. Next thing you know, bubba becomes a tot and can now ― on his own ― clear out the drawers you had just filled with fresh, clean laundry. Watch out, because as he learns to walk, he’ll grab everything that’s within his reach only to fling it in every direction. Next come the grubby hands. After taking a bite out of his peanut butter sandwich, your kiddo will smear his grimy hands on the sofa, or insist on drinking a glass of milk on his own, then end up spilling half on the carpet. You keep cleaning up behind him, only to realise soon after that this is a lost cause.

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