We’ve gone through a selection of crib mobiles that might be perfect for your little one.

Vtech Sing and Soothe Mobile

PRICE $89.90, $70.07

FROM Toys“R”Us, Mothercare 

WHAT Multi-sensory mobile featuring textured leaves that spin gently, plush dangling animals and a soft glowing night light. Offers three different play modes with 20 tunes, 20 lullabies, four songs and soothing nature sounds.

PROS Has a timer you can set, plus a sound sensor that plays lullabies when baby cries. Doubles as a night light. One mum said her boy tends to wake up at 5 am and thanks to this mobile she could snooze a little longer.

CONS Attachment strap for cribs only, not playpens.

Skip Hop Treetop Friends Musical Mobile


FROM Pupsik 

WHAT Rotating mobile plays Brahms’ Lullaby for six minutes and gives baby a changing view of the linen stuffed characters.

PROS A breeze to install and the music box has an on/off switch

CONS May not be able to fix to non-standard-sized cribs, or cribs with solid wood sides, as one mum pointed out (she did love the characters, however). Needs winding. 

Fisher-Price Precious Planet 2-in-1 Projection Mobile

PRICE $149.90

FROM Toys“R”Us

WHAT Boasts animal characters that twirl while fascinating light shows dances above. Three musical settings offer 20 minutes of continuous music, nature or heartbeat sounds. Can also be operated with a remote control.

PROS When baby is older, simply remove the mobile and project the show on the ceiling. Our mum tester said her baby smiled every time she turned it on with the remote control.

CONS Pricey, heavy use of four D-sized batteries. 

Helga Kreft Parrot Mobile


FROM playhao 

WHAT A simple, quality handcrafted old-school wooden mobile that stimulates baby’s visual skills. Does not require any winding or batteries — just roll the parrot up to watch it dissolve into a whirl of colour. Made with non-toxic colours.

PROS Well-crafted and built to last.

CONS May not be enough stimulation to capture baby’s attention for an extended period. 

Lucky Baby Jolee Musical Mobile

PRICE $39.90

FROM Cute Mother 

WHAT A fuss-free wind-up mobile with adorable teddies that encourages visual and audio stimulation. The teddies and audio will surely keep junior occupied.

PROS Comes with a sturdy clamp that can be easily attached and secured to crib, a pro for one mother.

CONS Repetitive movement and music. Volume cannot be adjusted. 

Tiny Love — My Nature Pals

PRICE $99.90

FROM Dear Baby 

WHAT This colourful mobile stimulates your baby’s senses with appealing light options and 30 minutes worth of music and sounds. At night, the dangling characters’ bellies light up and dim in a sequence, creating a mesmerising and calming light show.

PROS Volume can be adjusted (which was a major plus for our reviewing mother, together with the timer that turns it off after 30 minutes). Mobile can be detached and converted into a music box.

CONS Does not work with non-standard-sized cribs or cribs with wood sides. 

Baby Einstein Sweet Sea Dreams Mobile

PRICE $132.50

FROM Amazon 

WHAT This ocean-themed mobile offers multiple play modes (melodies, ocean sounds and white noise) with over 20 minutes of continuous play. Mobile base detaches into a soother. Dimming feature, while melodies gradually soften after every 10 minutes, so baby can wind down and drift off to sleep.

PROS Fits most crib rails and is easy to install. Can be operated by remote control. The animals were intriguing for babies’ eyes, says our tester, though she wished for lighted animals, for night time.

CONS Toys cannot be detached from the mobile for cleaning

Bright Starts Soothing Safari 2-in-1 mobile

PRICE $83.92

FROM FishPond 

WHAT Features six different melodies lasting 15 minutes, plus colourful animals that rotate quietly to soothe your baby.

PROS This mobile, which converts to become a crib toy when baby is older, is easy to install.

CONS Not suitable for playpens or non-standard-sized cribs.

Tiny Love – Take-Along Mobile

PRICE $49.90

FROM Dear Baby 

WHAT Features five soothing melodies and fun colours that will keep your baby relaxed and entertained. The rotating plush animals will keep baby occupied for 30 minutes — our reviewer mum loved the soft plushies. It can also be brought along to keep baby occupied, on the go.

PROS Can be easily secured on to car-seats, strollers and pack-and-plays.

CONS Music volume cannot be adjusted 

Mothercare Space Dreamer Mobile

PRICE $45.90

FROM Mothercare 

WHAT Suitable for your baby from birth, this wind up mobile will keep your baby entertained with its rotating plush toys and soothing lullaby.  

PROS Attaches easily to the side of the cots.

CONS It is quite noisy when being wound up. But our eco-dad liked the non-battery nature of it. 

Fisher-Price Rainforest Peek-a-boo Leaves Musical Mobile


FROM Pupsik 

WHAT Features three soothing music settings that will surely put baby to sleep. Accompanied with a smiling dragonfly that moves along to the music and gently waving leaves.

PROS Converts to a music box with soft, glowing night light.

CONS Does not fit on to all cribs — much to our mum tester’s disappointment. 

Tiny Love Magical Night Mobile

PRICE $99.90

FROM Toys“R”Us 

WHAT Featuring nine different tunes in three different categories, this mobile will keep baby entertained for 30 minutes. It can also act as a music box with image projection and a starry night lamp for toddlers.

PROS The product can also be used as a bed light and projector without the mobile

CONS If the projector is used at the same time as the mobile, the rotating toys will run over the projection, blocking and distorting the projected images.

Crib mobiles are not just for soothing and relaxing your little one, they also help to develop his motor skills, visual and sound stimulation.

With an extensive selection of crib mobiles, choosing the perfect one for your little can be challenging. Paediatrician Dr Janice Wong Tzen Yuen of Thomson Paediatric Centre gives us some pointers in choosing the perfect baby mobile; it should...

  1. Have striking, bright and bold colours.
  2. Offer movements and soothing music to calm and promote sleep.
  3. Be made with child-safe materials.
  4. Be structurally safe (no part should fall or hit the child).
  5. Be fixed near enough for baby to track it's movement but at least 30 cm away from baby (out of grasping reach). By the time baby is 6 months old, they could be grasping and grabbing and trying to sit up — remove the mobile then

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