Ways to raise a secure and resilient child

The more responsive you are to your baby, the more independent she’ll become, thanks to her solid relationship with you.

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You know how to handle baby’s physical needsfeeding her regularly, changing her diapers when they are wet or dirty, bathing her, keeping her clean and ensuring she has a comfortable place to sleep.

However, her mental and emotional needs are less obvious.

Your baby’s brain undergoes its most rapid development in the early years. Besides learning from the people who care for her, she is absorbing information from what she sees and hears around her.

Babies and children feel secure when they enjoy loving, close and positive relationships ― their needs are met and they feel a sense of belonging when they have nurturing and responsive experiences.

“Babies need stable, safe environments in which their parents can focus on them.”

Research shows that babies with secure, long-term relationships with their parents are better able to form healthy relationships, manage stress, perform better in school and lead more fulfilling lives.

Having a new baby can take a toll on a couple. A study of American children born in the 1990s found that the quality of the parents’ relationship had an effect on how mothers engaged with their children — how often they played, read or sang to them.

The study also found that the psychological well-being of mothers was linked to early literacy skills. “Babies need stable, safe environments in which their parents can focus on them,” child psychotherapist Tessa Baradon said in a Huffington Post UK article.

So, in trying times, such as those first months of your baby’s life, it is important to keep your composure by enlisting the help of your spouse, family and friends or even hired help.

Sometimes, a change of scenery can help: Take a walk or visit a friend. It’s also important to spend time alone with your spouse, though it doesn’t have to be a full-on date. It could be as simple as sitting down to have supper together while baby sleeps. You also need to nurture the relationship with your significant other.