Exclusive! DJ Lin Peifen reveals her baby-bonding secrets

Yes 933 DJ Lin Peifen shares intimate details on how she loves bonding with her son Luke the bubbly way.


Bubbly radio DJ and TV host Lin Peifen loves every moment of being a mum to her firstborn, Luke. One daily routine she confesses to enjoying, in particular, with her munchkin is bathtime.

         Peifen reveals how she makes the most of this special time with her munchkin, who turns 1 on 17 July.

What special details can you reveal about the activity in which you enjoy bonding with Luke? 
Since I helm the morning show, I pick Luke up from the nanny in the early afternoon and spend the rest of the day with him. One activity I look forward to daily is giving my son his bath. Luke loves his bathtime, usually just before noon. I let him know it's time to “pom pom” ― it’s our code word for bathtime, because my mum used to tell me that when I was little! I love seeing Luke look happy and comfortable, as well as smelling his fresh scent, after I give him his bath. Before Luke goes to bed at night, I give him a nice warm wipe from head to toe, then hold him and rock him gently while I read him a bedtime story or sing a lullaby.

I tell him which part of his body I’m cleaning, and make up silly stories or songs as I go along.

What’s your secret to making it a fun and relaxing time for the both of you?
I sing to him while he plays with his toys. I also tell him which part of his body I’m cleaning, and make up silly stories or songs as I go along. These days, he loves using his hands and feet to make splashes ― until I end up all wet, too. But it's really fun! 

Tell us one tip you’d like to share with other mummies when picking bath products for your son?
I choose products that are gentle for babies to keep Luke safe and comfortable. I like Kodomo Baby Bath as it’s pH-balanced, free of mineral oil and lanolin, with naturally-derived cleansing ingredients that are gentle on Luke’s skin. He also smells so nice and fresh with Kodomo’s unique baby-safe fragrance.