BUYER’S GUIDE Baby's first shoes: Top picks

Is your little explorer starting to cruise, climb, or even take his first steps? Invest in some quality kicks...

You may have heard that barefoot is best when it comes to babies – and this is indeed true. Young children should be barefoot most of the time as this helps their feet be stimulated by the ground — and this trains your little ones to develop the right balance, posture and coordination. 

          However, when the time comes, shoes are of course necessary to protect your child’s foot from the cold as well as getting injured by sharp objects on the ground. While parents may look to the most adorable pairs for cuteness and style, these should always come secondary to function.

          Your baby’s first pair of shoes should be lightweight, flexible and should not have any arch supports or stiff sides. It should also be made of a breathable material like leather or fabric — plastic shoes are a no-no!

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