BUYER’S GUIDE 8 baby products you never knew you needed

Gotten everything on your baby essentials list? These useful buys will help you around the house or on the go.

Parenting is full of ups and downs ― you may feel like Wonder Woman at one moment, only to realise the next moment that you’re clueless and wish someone would invent the ultimate machine that could take over your parenting duties.

Guess what? While you won’t find an ultimate solution to all your problems, you can get plenty of surprisingly innovative products on the baby gear market that can help make your parenting journey that much smoother.

Check some of the best ones out, right here!

Blooming bath mat

PRICE $18.66
FROM Lazada
WHAT No need to fret if you’re nervous about bathing your newborn. Try this bathtub seat that folds into a blooming flower and can be used in a bath tub or in the sink. Soft and comfortable for bubba, it’s machine washable and easy to dry. Best for newborns to 6-month-old babies, it’s available in five colours.
PARENTS SAY We love this bath seat’s softness, thanks to cushy sponge material. There should be fewer tears at bathtime, too, because your little one will feel secure and comfortable in this. The adorable floral design will make for beautiful baby pictures, too!



PRICE $44.91
FROM Agape Babies
WHAT Dread eating out or visiting a friend’s place because you aren’t sure if there’s a high chair, so that you can feed your baby? The Totseat is the ideal solution as it converts almost all dining chairs of all shapes and sizes into a safe haven for your baby. It’s machine washable and comes with a tiny travel pouch. Suitable for babies from around 8 months to 30 months.
PARENTS SAY This simple and innovative idea solves all your highchair woes! “It’s is essential for me, as I eat out very often, and I know I am putting my child in something safe and clean,” says Christine Lew, mum to 11-month old Jessica. “It was especially useful during Chinese New Year, since we spent entire days visiting relative’s homes. No matter where we were, I could strap Jess down and feed her safely.”

ilovebaby Portable Seat Cover

PRICE $21.99
FROM Lazada
WHAT Are you that parent who needs everything to be sanitised before it can come into contact with your sweetie’s delicate skin? Well, you’ll love this portable seat cover you can fit on shopping carts and highchairs, which prevents your baby from touching germy surfaces. Good for babies 6 months and above, who can sit up on their own, it’s easy to use and machine washable.
PARENTS SAY Indeed, shopping carts are a breeding ground for bacteria. Just think of someone placing a packet of raw chicken (raw juices seeping through) into the cart’s toddler seat, with you putting your munchkin in that same seat mere minutes later! “Someone told me about this some time ago, and I always made sure I have a seat cover on when my daughter goes into the shopping cart,” says Tan Yu Chun, mum to Gladys, 1. “Plus, she tends to gnaw at anything that she can reach, and I once caught her trying to bite the cart handle. Yucks!”