BUYER’S GUIDE Best disposable tape diapers for your baby

Get the unit cost ― and deets ― on the most comfortable and absorbent disposable tape diapers in the market.


As a new parent, diapers are among the most essential items you’ll need to keep stocking up on.

If you’ve decided that you aren’t going to put your peewee in cloth diapers, you’ll be buying lots of disposable diapers.

To find the ideal disposable diaper for your little one, you’ll need to consider a number of factors. This includes its absorbency and the softness of the material (to prevent diaper rash), and of course, the price.

For comparison purposes, we checked out a range of size M disposable tape diapers across the board ― we’ve also sussed out the best prices available. Check out the reviews here.


Drypers Touch M (6-11kg)

PRICE $52/carton (64 pieces x 4 packs); about 20 cents per piece.

FROM Lazada

WHAT Created with Pro Skin Technology, this diaper is made with soft material that has a cottony feel, so that bubba’s skin can breathe. The super-absorbent core effectively absorbs and distributes urine, while the soft stretchable waistband and fastening system will not leave red marks on your baby’s skin.

PARENTS SAY Drypers Touch is thick and absorbent and just as just soft as other pricier brands in the market. Francesca Fong, mum to Jared, 10 months, says although she had never considered using Drypers, she fell in love with this range. “The other Drypers ranges always felt a bit rough to the skin, but this one feels very high quality and super soft. The price is right, too.”


Pampers Premium Care Tape Diaper M (6-11kg)

PRICE $60.32/case (48 pieces x 4 packs); about 31 cents per piece.

FROM Lazada

WHAT Micropores in this diaper help release moisture, while the ultra-dry core quickly absorbs and ensures dryness for up to 12 hours. Three “absorbing channels” lock wetness away, and a wetness indicator will allow you to check easily if you need to change your baby’s diaper. Your little one’s skin will stay comfortable, thanks to the soft and silky material, plus a unique baby lotion sheet protects skin from irritation.

PARENTS SAY Pampers is one of the pricier brands, but you know you’re paying for quality. “I always swore by pampers and this range doesn’t disappoint,” says mum of two, Yvonne Ong. However, some other mums preferred the older Pampers range.