Oh, your sister/friend/neighbour has a new baby — what should you do?

Kiss baby? Bring food? Newborn visiting tips


1. Ask before visiting

Some mums might want to have some personal time with the baby first or they are not ready to meet so many people yet, so do ask before dropping by. Yes, even when you have bought her the best present EVER.

2. Baby’s health comes first

Make sure that you are in good health before visiting and take note of personal hygiene if you are going to touch the baby — no one wants baby and mummy to fall sick when they just came back from the hospital, do we? The baby’s immune system has yet to be built. And remember: Third-hand smoke and too much perfume on the clothes may irritate baby as well.

3. Get permission to touch — and don’t hog baby

We love holding new babies, but ask before doing so. And avoid waking a baby up when they’re still sleeping (especially if the parents had a hard time putting him to sleep). If the baby cries, hand him straight back to the parents. After all, we don’t want to deal with cranky babies and their crankier parents.

4. Give compliments and not unwanted advice

Of course baby is cute and we know you’ll tell the parents, but don’t forget about mummy, recovering from the whole tiresome pregnancy journey. And try too hard not to give advice unless specifically asked for help. Mums do get irritated when they are pelted with comments and old-wives’ tales.

5. Keep track of the time

Mummy and newborn need adequate rest. Extending your stay may disrupt their time together. Take a hint and get out.

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