How baby develops a personality

From barely aware, to Mummy’s attachment, to Daddy’s little ranger, to… What’s next?


0-6 Months

• At birth, your infant will identify with his main caregiver most as his primary concern is to fill his immediate needs for food and love. Shower him with attention as babies need loving relationships to develop a positive sense of self.

• By the second month, bubba will become aware of the distance between his body and an object. So, you’ll often notice him trying to reach out and grab an object or a favourite toy that’s in front of him.

At about 4 months, he’ll assert his budding independence by crying to get your attention. This is one of the first moments he’ll realise that he has an independent will, and his behaviour will impact you.

Your little one’s connection to culture is an important part of who he is and will shape his identity and self-esteem in a positive way. So, use words for important people, such as mother, father, grandparents, as well as things ( bottle, blanket and pacifier) with him.

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