How to stop a crying babe

Babies cry for many reasons and it can be hard to know what’s wrong. Here’s how to soothe and dry those tears…


1. First of all, check your baby isn’t cold, due for a feed or a sleep, or doesn’t need her diaper changed. And look for signs she might be poorly.

2. If it’s none of those, make sure your baby’s not over-stimulated. Pick her up and, holding her close, cuddle or rock her. This replicates the type of movement she felt in the womb, which should comfort her. Alternatively, put her in her stroller, car seat or cot and switch on either the vacuum cleaner or untune your radio it may sound strange, but white noise will remind her of the sounds she heard inside your womb and may help to pacify her.

3. Try giving her a massage, rub a little olive oil in your hands and gently stroke her skin in small, circular movements. She might be soothed if you take her to a quiet, darkened room and talk or sing to her. Or you could try swaddling her in a soft blanket, so she feels comfortable and snug.

4. A pacifier can be a source of comfort to her, but don’t use it as an automatic response to crying, always try to find out the cause of her tears first. And, if all else fails, a change of scenery may help to destress you both - go for a short drive or stretch your legs with a walk in the fresh air to see if that’ll calm her.

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