MUM SAYS My baby self-weaned suddenly

Mum Nadia Azmi chronicles her experience when her baby girl refused to breastfeed suddenly…

“It happened without warning. It happened so fast, like a Band-Aid being ripped off. It happened just hours after my baby turned exactly a year old.

It was a typical morning at my in-laws’. We were watching TV after breakfast when Naura started getting fussy. Instinctively, I offered to nurse her.

But she turned away.

It was a bit odd, I thought. She hardly refuses to nurse. If she wasn’t that hungry, she would simply latch for a little while before deciding she had enough.

Never mind, I thought. I can’t force her. She’s probably still full from the overnight nursing sessions.

She’ll be back to normal once she wakes up, I told myself.

But it was nearing noon and still, she did not want to nurse. I started to get really worried because the last time she nursed was at 7am that morning.

Then it began: Naura got really cranky. She cried incessantly, along with her screaming. I thought maybe she was finding it hard to fall sleep – indeed, this was sometimes the case.

“Let’s take her out for a ride,” my husband suggested. I laughed knowing that it was just a cover-up for his craving for rojak. The quick joyride led us to a nearby restaurant.

We had hoped with all the distractions the outside world had to offer, Naura would eventually get tired and snooze. We thought it was just one of those situations where her body was tired but her mind was fighting against the need to sleep. That was normal, wasn’t it?

But when we got back home, she was still cranky. She did eventually, close her eyes and fall asleep in front of the TV.

I was relieved. She’ll be back to normal once she wakes up, I told myself.

But no. She woke up and there was more inconsolable crying and screaming. She was still refusing to nurse.

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