Put baby back on track

Frustrated that your rugrat can’t seem to return to her routine? SmartParents offers an expert-approved cheat sheet that’ll have you and bubba right back on track in no time!


Routines are a great way to let you and your bubs experience more together and to help your baby’s day go just a little bit smoother — whether you stick to a strict daily regimen, or prefer to let him follow a more relaxed eat-and-sleep schedule. Still, every now and again, a tiny blip will send your cutie off course, and leave you struggling to get back on track. “The most important thing is not to panic,” advises sleep expert Jo Tantum, who co-wrote Baby Secrets: How To Know Your Baby’s Needs. “It’s all about acting quickly and moving things 15 minutes this way or that over the course of the day.”

So, stay calm and try these winning ways to get your kewpie's routine back to normal…

Mealtime meltdowns

Teething, tiredness or a reluctance to taste something new — it doesn’t take much for your tyke to turn on the tears at mealtimes. Offer a mixture of familiar and new food items, but if your mini-muncher refuses to eat, don’t force her— the key is not to panic. Maternity nurse and sleep consultant Tina Southwood points out, “She’s not going to starve if she misses a meal. Don’t offer a sweet alternative. You need to avoid a pattern where she knows she’ll get what she wants if she keeps saying no.

New places, new faces

A new environment — a weekend away or a night at the grandparents’ — can really disrupt your baby and her routine. SmartParents childcare expert Claire Burgess reckons that your young ‘un is bound to get a little clingy if she feels uncertain in unfamiliar surroundings. “She may not want to eat and it could mean disturbed sleep, during the day and night. “Avoid this by packing several familiar items to help her feel settled. Mimic the environment she’s used to, so, favourite weaning foods rather than a new flavour, and familiar bedroom lighting to make sleep soothing. Burgess advises, “Also bring along her own bed sheets, blanket and her favourite teddy, so she’s surrounded by cosy scents.”