Put baby on a routine or leave him?

Thinking of using baby routines to bring order to your life? Check out our list of pros and cons...


Routine pros:

1 It gives structure to your day and helps you feel in control.

2 There is a theory that babies are much happier if they know what’s coming next, even when they’re really tiny.

3 If your baby goes to bed early, you get to spend some valuable time with your spouse or friends in the evening.

4 It might actually work and you’ll get a full night’s sleep within eight weeks or so.


1 Breastfed babies often need to eat little and more often than they are “allowed” to in a routine. Feeding on demand, as advocated by many lactation consultants, conflicts with a schedule.

2 Routines take away spontaneity and confine you to the house during baby’s “sleep time”.

3 It can be hard to work out complicated schedules when you’re so tired.

4 You might feel guilty or a failure if you can’t stick to it or your baby doesn’t like it.

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