See, hear, speak, do — how baby develops

Find out how baby hones their budding senses from birth and beyond…

0-6 Months

Your baby’s eyesight isn’t sharp at birth and what she sees looks more like a blurry photo. By 8 weeks, however, she can differentiate colour and by 6 months, she’ll notice features like shadows, perspective and size.


Her sense of touch is incredibly developed from birth, so cuddle, massage and caress her. Massaging a baby has been shown to reduce levels of the stress hormone, cortisol!


Bubba’s sense of hearing is developed around 6 months in utero. So, not surprisingly, your kewpie can recognise your (and daddy’s) voice from birth.


Your baby is able to detect three main tastes — sweet, sour and bitter — at birth. However, she won’t be able to taste how salty the food is till she’s around 4 months old. Before this stage, if you give her salt water, she might slurp it up as much as she does plain water.


“Massaging a baby has been shown to reduce levels of the stress hormone, cortisol!”


6-12 Months

By 6 months, his improved eyesight enables him to understand what depth perception is. If you push him in a rocker, he’ll get that the “bigger” you look, the closer you are to him.


Now that bubba has moved beyond milk, a whole new world of tastes is open to him. Breastfed babies may be more receptive to new flavours, since they’re used to your breastmilk’s ever-changing tastes, which depend on what you eat.


As his hearing develops, he’ll realise that he can make sounds as well. Since he’ll love the sound of his own babbling, help him by mimicking him as he makes sounds.


Play has become even more thrilling now; he adores grabbing things to see how they feel — thanks to his enhanced sense of touch, one of his most exciting senses. If he starts gumming items, don’t fret — he’s just exploring. Do watch out for choking hazards, however.