Sharing a bed with bubba — yes or no?

Our experts Dr Kenny Pang, ENT and sleep specialist at Asia Sleep Centre, and Four Trimesters doula Constance Chiang share three cons and three pros of sleeping with baby (safely)!


The “family bed” and “co-sleeping” are terms associated with sleeping with bubba. Doula and maternity-and-child sleep consultant at Four Trimesters Constance Chiang shares that bed-sharing, as the name suggests, is literally sharing the bed with your munchkin. Co-sleeping, on the other hand, is the process of sharing the room with your little one.


1. More shut-eye for you and your little one

Sharing the bed with bubba offers greater convenience especially when it comes to feeding him at night — just remember to ALWAYS burp them before putting him back to sleep.

            Note that it can prove to be helpful for getting your sleep cycle in sync with your baby’s. Chiang says that the circadian rhythms — a whole host of physiological processes like brain-wave activity, hormone production and cell regeneration — gets in sync when mother and baby sleep in close quarters with each other.

2. Less anxiety for you and baby

Sleeping in their own room can lead to increased anxiety when little bubba wakes to an empty room. It is a surefire way to cause the whimper to turn into full-blown wailing. Then you’d find yourself spending additional time soothing them or dealing with unhappy neighbours — precious time better spent on sleeping (for you and baby). Chiang explains, “Simply sharing the room with your baby can help your baby to sleep better as they can sense you are close thus making them feel safer and more secure.”

3. Loading up on the oxytocin

Chiang says sleeping with your baby can help your body produce more oxytocin — commonly known as the “love” hormone — which is also known for improving the production of milk in nursing mothers. Oxytocin can help mothers develop keener “motherly instincts” — you might even be able to skip the alarm clock for munchkin’s scheduled feeding at night!

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