What will your 2016 Monkey baby be like?

Expecting a little one in the Chinese Year of the Monkey? What characteristics can you expect?


1)    Like the animal, Monkey children are charming and crave stimulation. Expect your baby to be rather demanding and vocal, possibly hitting their physical milestones early.
2)    With a Monkey baby, they'll be energetic and it’s important to babyproof your home ahead of time — you may not have enough warning for when your baby will start rolling, crawling or getting into things. What to look out for? Ensure you have anti-slip bathmats around the bathrooms, install door stoppers or wrap safety guards around door edges to prevent them from slamming onto little fingers, smooth sharp edges around tables with corner guards. Get more babyproofing tips here.
3)    Plan time each day to play with your child to keep up with their energy levels, and watch your child’s food intake. Some foods cause a sudden increase in energy followed by a sudden drop. Avoid food with high sugar content such as candy or sweetened snacks — you do not want to deal with an over-energised child crying with a toothache.
4)    Your Monkey baby might not want to go to sleep — too much to see and poke their nose into! Calm them down slowly between bathtime and bedtime: Does your babe like to hear you sing? Read a book with you? Try swaddling your wiggling baby to help them settle down. See other soothing tips.
5)    Monkeys know how to have fun and are most often the life of the party. They love impressing their friends with their knowledge. Help junior to learn more by modelling interest in the world around you, encourage your child’s natural interests and answering his questions simply and clearly according to their stage of development. You can also ensure that your child has a library membership for when they grow up and want to find out more about specific subjects.
6)    However, the monkey may be accident-prone due to its carefree spirit. Don't let yourself be distracted when there are guests or when the family gathers. Take turns with your spouse to keep watch on your child so they don’t have a chance to get up to mischief unsupervised!

Photo: INGimages

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