15 gifts your children will never forget

Want to give your kiddo something truly memorable? These offerings are way better than an expensive plaything!


When you think of gifts, the images that pop into your mind would be snazzily wrapped items presented on birthdays or at Christmas. Even as an adult, it’s thrilling to receive gifts. After all, it’s a kick to know that someone took the time and effort to prepare a gift for you.

Your children won’t have another relationship during their lifetime that will have such a significant influence on them as the one you’re forging now. Anyone can give him a toy, but only you can offer something that will truly impact their lives and change them forever.

Here are great “gift” ideas to consider!

1. Love

Shower bubba with all the love you can, because he’ll remember this for the rest of his life. Your unconditional love helps to keep his mental health and body in good shape, too. Hugs and kisses are free, so why stint on this for your little one? Telling him “I love you and having him say it back to you every night before he sleeps is a great practice, too. Don’t forget to show the love to your spouse and yourself as well!

2. A sense of security

It’s very important for your little one to feel secure. He needs to know that he has a safe place to return to every day, where he will be loved and protected. Your home environment plays a big part in shaping your sprout as he grows, so ensure that it’s a positive and happy one. Do also let your child know that you’ll always have his back, so that he knows he can rely on you.

As a parent, remember to praise your tot when he does well… What you say to him won’t just shape the way he views himself, it’ll give him confidence.

3. Support

When you are young, any praise or encouragement means a lot, especially when it’s from someone you love and look up to. As a parent, remember to praise your tot when he does well in a particular area. What you say to him won’t just shape the way he views himself, it’ll give him confidence. And when you commend him, make sure to give the reason, too. Elaborate instead of just saying “good job”. For example, try “That was nice of you to think of your sisters when you bought the sweets. I love that you are so thoughtful.” This way, junior will understand why you are praising him.

4. Kindness

Give your child the gift of kindness. Treat him and the people around you with kindness and compassion, as kids learn from example. If he sees you offering help to an old lady while crossing the road, sharing your umbrella with another person on a rainy day, or even just purchasing cat food for the stray cat hiding in the bushes, he will grow up showing kindness to others as well.

5. Optimism

It’s way more fun to be positive than to be live life with a jaundiced eye. Nobody likes hanging out with someone who is always negative and has a bad attitude. Don’t be pessimistic in front of your kid and always try to be upbeat. Staying optimistic and happy helps keep you young and healthy, too.

6. Opportunities

Give your little learner the opportunity to explore his likes and dislikes. Don’t hinder or restrict his activities just because you “think” he won’t enjoy a particular activity. Let him try it out, if he doesn’t like it then that is fine. He needs to experiment and experience various things before finding something that he likes. Let him make mistakes, too. It’s better that your peewee makes mistakes when he is young, so that he can learn from them. Don’t scold him for every slip-up he makes.

7. Imagination

Your little champ’s unlimited imagination is important to him. Albert Einstein once said, “Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” This is the only time his young mind is open and free from adult intentions, so let it run free. To encourage his creativity, draw, paint or build things with him. You’ll bond with your kiddo when you spend time together.