6 tips to pick your kid’s tuition centre

You’re a busy parent. You ferry your child here and there, from one tuition or enrichment class to another. You want to know if what you are doing is right. You want to be assured that the classes you are signing your child up for are the best for him or her.


So really, what should you look out for when choosing a centre?

You need to get under all that fancy marketing and look into these 6 areas:


A centre’s culture should be unique and positive. Its culture should be fun and warm such that upon entering, you and your child feel at ease and welcomed. A good centre runs based on the belief that all children, academically weak or otherwise, are welcomed into its programmes. The people mould the culture. Look for a centre whose management and teachers believe that each child is different and deserves equal concern, guidance, love and opportunities.



Find out more about the teachers. Determine their profiles. What is their experience in the education industry? Do they have other teaching commitments? Are they overstretched? Are they part-timing at more than one centre? How long have they been teaching at the centre?

Having said that, while teachers’ qualifications are important, they should not be the sole determining factor.

  • Request to do a quick observation of an ongoing class, if this is permitted. Does the teacher engage the class well? Is he/she lively and energetic?
  • Request for your child to attend a trial class too, if this is permitted. This can determine if there is rapport between the teacher and your child. Rapport is the connection between the two. When your child likes and trusts the teacher and when the teacher in turn, likes and believes in them, your child will thrive.

Get a sense of whether teachers have a sense of belonging, are happy and proud to be part of the ‘family’. When they are, they will be dedicated to their work and not simply aim to clock the hours. They are less likely to leave the centre midway. Disruption and changes in teachers are always undesirable. These teachers are more willing to offer guidance beyond the class hours. This ensures your child is taken care of during and after class.



It is crucial that the material used is professionally presented and customised. It should be updated according to changes in syllabus. Centres that pride in creating their own material will be ideal. Centres that have material with overarching themes that are fun, interesting and up-to-date with present day happenings will make learning more relevant and enjoyable.