7 free and fun Christmas games

Zing up your party spirit with these easy game ideas for holiday magic.


1. Pin the Nose on Rudolph
Draw or print out a picture of Rudolph and then paste it on a wall. Have your guests stand behind a certain point. Blindfold, give them a round, black spot on a pin or use a sticker, and turn each player around three times. The player then makes his way to the picture of Rudolph and sticks the nose where they think it should go (let your guests call out instructions or “hot” and “cold”. The player who sticks it closest to the tip of the nose wins!

2. Who Am I?
Best played larger groups, suggested 5 to 50 people. Gather stacks of sticky notes and write down names of Christmas characters (e.g. Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, Santa Claus, The Grinch etc.) and face them downwards. Each person takes turns to be “it” and to pick one and stick it onto their forehead so other people can guess their names. Whoever is “it” then has to figure out their characters by asking people yes or no questions.

3. Name that carol
Players are divided up into two teams. Each team takes turn to play. The team that is playing chooses a Christmas carol (and can google for the lyrics) then reads out one or two lines from the carol. The other team has two minutes to guess to win a point. First team to get 20 points wins.

4. Stocking guessing game
Put random items in a Christmas stocking then pass it around in a circle. Each player can feel the stocking from the outside and whoever guesses the most correct items wins.

5. Candy Canes
The objective of this game is to be the first to get four of the same cards (e.g. four Aces). Lay one less candy cane than the number of players playing in the middle of the table. Select a dealer and pass out four playing cards to each player. The dealer continues giving out cards until someone has four of a kind. The person then takes a candy cane then the remaining players race to grab the remaining candy canes. The person who doesn’t get a candy cane is eliminated from the round until one winner remains.

6. Santa Limbo
Have everyone line up in a line then place a stick at a certain height. Tie a pillow (Santa belly) on the first player and have them limbo under the stick without touching it. Every player gets a turn. Those who made it through will proceed to the next round. Each round, the stick gets lowered until one winner remains.

7. Blindfold Christmas Drawing
Hand out paper and pen to everyone then blindfold them. Have one person call instructions while everyone else attempts to draw a Christmas scene:
Draw a line as the floor.
Draw a christmas tree and add a few decorations.
Draw a star on top of your tree.
Add two presents below the tree with bows on top.
Draw a fireplace next to the tree.
Add a three stockings on the fireplace, then draw a face on each one.

After everyone finishes drawing, have them take the blindfolds off and look at their masterpieces.

The point system goes:
1 point: The star touches the tree.
1 point: The star is above the tree.
1 point: If your fireplace doesn't touch the tree.
2 points: The tree touches the floor.
2 points: The stocking touches the mantelpiece.
2 points: If your present is under the tree.
3 points: If the bows on your present are on top of your present.
5 points: All three faces on the stockings are actually on the stocking (not hanging off the edge of the stocking).