9 secrets to surviving a road trip with your kids

Doing a road trip with the brood need not be a nightmare when you’re armed with our timely tips.

Ready for a quick jaunt up north to Legoland, or setting your sights on the Great Ocean Road in Australia?

You have access to plenty of incredible self-drive holiday ideas that’ll suit your family. Doing a road trip with the kids can be lots of fun, too, if you’re prepared!

Of course, the last thing you want your family vacation to turn into is a chorus of “Are we there yet?”, or having to make a pit stop every 10 minutes because someone wants to use the restroom.

So, plan a stress-free road trip with our tips.

1. Separate the essentials

Aimee Chan, founder of Suitcases and Strollers suggests that you separately place items like diapers, wet wipes, spare clothes and food into easy-to-reach containers or bags. If you do this, you won’t find yourself frantically digging through a large suitcase for that packet of dried fruit, or for wipes to clear up messes.

2. Disposable bags

These are an absolute must-have for any road trip. Bring along several biodegradable plastic bags for storing used diapers. The car may get stinky (yikes!) if you can’t find a bin. These are also handy for other messes you need to clean up, particularly if your little ones tend to get car sick.

Separately place items like diapers, wet wipes, spare clothes and food into easy-to-reach containers or bags.

3. Breaks

Plan your meal stops and toilet breaks ahead of time. Chan suggests stopping at the very minimum, once every two hours ― to stretch and get some fresh air.

But think beyond rest stops. If you find a kid-friendly park complete with a play area and a slide that’s along your route, go for that, instead of the regular bathroom stops. Your kids will be delighted! So, grab your map and figure out where to take these breaks.

4. Pack entertainment

Banish backseat boredom by hanging a few soft toys around the car seat. For older toddlers, offer crayons and colouring sheets, or books. You can even play road trip games like “I spy with my little eye”. Here are more ideas.

For younger babies, download some gentle baby music on your smartphone ― but make sure that its music that everyone can tolerate, says Chan.

And if there’s any time to bend those rules about screens, now may be it. Said mum of three Serene Chiam, who drove to Malacca with her family last December, “It took about four hours, since we had to break quite often. We downloaded all my 2-year-old’s favourite videos on the iPad…and thank goodness we did! She would have been so cranky otherwise.”