Keep unsightly water rings at bay in your home by creating your own funky set of coasters with junior!

Amazing what you can produce with just some acrylic paint and several sheets of cork. In no time (drum roll), you’ve fashioned yourself some cool personalised watermelon coasters! Simply vary the number of seeds in each coaster and you’ve even got a ready-made drink marker.

Don’t limit yourself to a watermelon theme either. Try different colour combinations and you’ll have a variety of melons: Honeydew ― use green and brown or beige acrylic paint; Rock Melon ― orange and brown or beige acrylic paint; or Pink Guava ― pink and green. Better yet, get junior to dream up his own combination, then give it a name!

Watermelon Coasters
You’ll need:
• Cork sheet
• Paint brushes
• Acrylic paint (red, green and black)
• Scissors
• Round bowls or plates in 3 different sizes
• Clear handicraft varnish

To create the rounded edge of a slice of watermelon, use a pencil to trace the edge of a cup or plate on the cork sheet. Then use the smaller plates to draw another two curves inside the first one, leaving a 1 cm gap between each arc.

Use scissors to cut along the largest curve.

Paint the outermost “skin” portion green, the fruit section red.

Use a finer brush to paint the seeds black.

After the paint dries, add a coat of clear varnish to make it waterproof.


Styling and videography: Paulyn Ng

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