Scooters are everywhere...and mum-of-three Melissa Tan took two of hers with their scooters, to Punggol Promenade — daring! (The third rode happily in his stroller.)

MUM SAYS The biggest tip about scootering

Big tip: I recently went scootering at Punggol Promenade with my two kids and my new baby — the kids loved the scenic views and fresh air.

One thing to note when taking the kids scootering: Remember that whatever distance you go, you need to be able to make the same distance back! You don’t want to have to carry a couple of exhausted kids all the way back to the car, along with the scooters… Which my husband and I learnt the hard way!

Melissa Tan, mother of Cameron, 7 months, Connor, 2 and Christian, 4.

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