Eye exams for junior are just as important as medical and dental checks, so don’t put these off!

Eye checks, especially comprehensive eye checks, are as essential for your little one as regular doctor’s and dental appointments. Children under age 18 have the highest risk of serious vision changes. So, they should receive regular comprehensive eye check-ups every year.

These complete eye checks not only help to track the development of your child’s eye health, these will evaluate their risk of having conditions such as myopia. If an eye condition is found, it can be treated early to prevent it from worsening.

Bring your mini-me for regular and timely comprehensive eye exams for these important reasons...

1. You only have one pair of eyes

With only one pair of eyes to see your child through the rest of his or her life, it is vital to safeguard their eyesight.

Getting a complete eye check every year not only keeps their visual health in check, they will be able to get their eyesight issues (if any is detected) treated early.

Even if your child has perfect eyesight (kudos to them!), an expert can learn more details can be found about your child's overall health and wellness with thorough checks.

Children who are diagnosed with myopia at an early age tend to experience deteriorating eye health as they age. If their poor vision is unchecked for an extended period, they become more susceptible to high myopia.

2. Good vision is important for school

Your school-going child will need good vision for their studies. From seeing the whiteboard clearly to reading a textbook, good vision is important, so that they can learn effectively in school.

Beyond the classroom, your child will also require good vision to participate actively in after-school activities and sports.

So, regular eye checks can identify any eye health issues that require treatment, so that your kids will learn optimally whether they are in or out of the classroom.

3. The myopia epidemic is real

Singapore is known as the myopia capital of the world. With countless hours spent in school studying, children spend prolonged periods of time on near-work activities like reading and writing.

Also, children these days spend a lot of time staring at their devices. When children engage in excessive near-work activity, their eyes lengthen to allow them to focus on near objects at the expense of further objects. This can result in myopia, or more commonly known as near-sightedness.

Children who are diagnosed with myopia at an early age tend to experience deteriorating eye health as they age. If their poor vision is unchecked for an extended period, they become more susceptible to high myopia. Their risk of developing serious eye health issues in the future increases, and they might be vulnerable to cataracts and even glaucoma.

If junior gets their eyesight checked every year, the optometrist will not assess their myopia risk but also monitor the condition to prevent it from worsening.

4. Vision screenings aren't enough

You’ve probably heard of vision screenings and these are a great first step in identifying the more obvious vision issues. This includes difficulty visualising signs or reading at a distance.

On the other hand, a comprehensive eye check by an optometrist or an ophthalmologist goes a step further, since they will recommend a customised treatment plan that’s specific to your child’s eye health needs.

These wide-ranging eye checks won’t just identify potential eye health risks, it means the condition will also be treated as soon as possible.

5. Eye health can indicate other medical conditions

One’s eyes aren’t called the windows to the soul for a reason ― because they can tell you a lot about the overall health child's eyes.

During a comprehensive eye exam, your doctor can examine your child's retina and assess the condition of the vessels found around the retina. The state of these blood vessels can tell you a lot about the overall health condition of the blood vessels around the rest of your child's body. 

Get your eyes checked today

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This article, written by Ng Yue Ning, first appeared on Plano.

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