Going abroad with your brood? Don’t leave your health needs to chance ― make sure to pack these meds!


When you’re travelling with children, you should always expect your best-laid plans to go awry. When junior is jet-lagged and their routine out of whack, their chances of falling ill escalate. So, being prepared ― with a well-stocked first-aid kit ― can make the difference between a quick recovery and a medical emergency!

To start, be observant and practise good personal hygiene. Don’t consume water from local sources — even if you’re told that it’s potable — your body might not be used to the microbes in the water. Stick to bottled water. You can also consider visiting Tan Tock Seng Hospital’s Travellers’ Health and Vaccination Clinic at least four to six weeks before your departure, to get all the relevant jabs before you fly off.

To ensure everyone stays fit in a foreign country, it’s critical to do adequate research. Pay attention to these pointers:

* Take note of important local phrases for hospitals, ambulances and clinics, as well as emergency services contact numbers.

* Check out the Singapore Missions Overseas contact numbers and addresses. If there isn’t a mission near your location, call the 24-hour duty officer at (65) 6379-8800/8855.

* Find the location of the nearest medical facility in relation to where your family staying. If you are unsure, ask your tour guide for directions or better yet, Google!

* Check to see if any pre-existing health advisories are still in effect for your destination. Or take note of seasonal infections or allergens that could be making its rounds.

* Know what your travel insurance covers, plus what you need to do if you incur medical costs overseas.

When packing your medical supplies, be sure to pick a suitable container — preferably a durable one with enough space to store all your healthcare needs. Always check the use-by dates of the items before each trip. And if anyone has chronic health conditions, make sure to pack everybody’s prescription medication!

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