KIDS READS: Dealing with illness and death

SP checks out two books that take a look at miracles, the mother-child bond and staying strong…

Miracles from Heaven, by Christy Wilson Beam


This is an inspiring real-life story by Texan mum Christy Wilson Beam who writes about her little girl’s amazing journey of healing. After being diagnosed with a rare digestive disorder at just 6, Annabel endured years of pain, testing and treatment. Worse, her inability to digest food was deemed incurable ― at best, the doctors could only promise her some semblance of a normal life with drugs.

Then at 9, Annabel ― nicknamed Anna ― fell head-first from a 10m-high tree onto the gravel drive at her home, experienced a “visit to heaven”, followed by a miraculous healing. Now 13, Annabel hasn’t been hospitalised since her near-fatal accident and subsequent recovery from her mysterious illness.

Beam says, “The great thing is she wasn’t just healed physically, but emotionally as well. She’s totally fine ― peaceful and joyful. She’s an A-student and full of life.”

We should always appreciate the little moments in life that make us happy, count every blessing and enjoy what we have now.

The Beams’ tale emphasises that life is full of ups and downs, so we should always appreciate the little moments that make us happy, count every blessing and enjoy what we have now. Even if you aren’t religious, its uplifting and powerful message ― as well as their unwavering love for each other ― is very meaningful. ― Review by Luah Zhiying




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