KIDS READS Not just an ordinary day!

When “normal” life gets soooooo boring — your little one will love these stories about fantastical fun adventures…


Quokking in Australia, by Adeline Foo

The notorious Amos Lee is just yakking with his friends on Whatsapp when the idea of going to Australia comes up. Before he knows it, he’s on his way to that far-off land with his friends (Alvin, Anthony, and Jolin and Sheila from Malaysia). Along the way, he learns a few hard lessons about social media, and he’s a bit slow in learning “don’t touch wild animals (even if they’re oh-so-cute)” when dealing with a quokka. It’s a fuzzball pouched mammal, if you were wondering.


Danger Dan and Gadget Girl: The Animal Abduction, by Leslie-Ann and Monica Lim

Another kid that learns things the hard way is Danny, also known (in his imagination) as superhero DANGER DAN!!! And time-traveller Melody appears needing Danny’s help to label animals at the zoo (don’t ask). But things go wrong and Danny and Melody wind up in more and more trouble until Danny has to face his ultimate fear… Your little will love Melody’s dog, Dog aka Power Paws.


Marge in Charge, by Isla Fisher

Jemima and her little brother Jake are not looking for trouble (much): It just babysits them in the form of “real Duchess Margery Beauregard Victoria Ponterfois”. And it’s not so much trouble as utter chaos that descends on the kids each time Marge (who says she ran away from the palace because her guards wouldn’t let her 10 pets sleep with her) is set to care for them.

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