MUM SAYS How my boys inspired me

SmartParents reader Tammy Yap shares what she learned from letting her boys try the Spartan Race (Junior)…


Like any mother, I try to expose my kids to new things early on in their lives. When I signed up my sons, Cristian, 7, and Axel, 4 for the Junior Spartan Race, I had very few expectations of what they would achieve. They are not athletic or competitive so I didn’t expect them to complete all eight obstacles of the Junior race. In fact, I was mentally preparing myself for complaints on anything — from the hot weather to their physical aches and pains.

 Little did I know that my munchkins would show such tenacity, confidence and teamwork — and inspire and awe me in every way.



There were eight obstacles to be completed, and along the way they got some cuts and bruises from the elements, which were not too serious. There was so many times I felt they were going to say “I can’t do it” and walk away,  but I was so proud that they didn’t call it quits,  not matter how tough the challenge was. 

 Cristian and Axel helped each other throughout the race, and I could see from the sidelines, how they cheered each other on. My two boys waited for each other at each obstacle and crossed the finishing line together. It seemed to me they’ve learnt that everything is double the fun when you do it with someone else!


Obstacles such as crawling on grass and walking on beams were thing they don’t normally do in their daily lives. It inspired me when I saw them plunge into each challenge head-on without hesitation.

 Perhaps they found some inner super-hero or perhaps a competitive streak via each other — I am not sure. But I am sure they uncovered newfound confidence to try out new things and a deeper level of brotherly love.  I am so proud of my two boys.

Tammy Yap, mother to Cristian, 7, Axel, 4, and Brad, 10mths.

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