MUM SAYS Preparing for tot’s first “fun run”

Ivy Lim is a Hello Kitty fan and she’s introducing her 2-year-old to health (and Kitty)!

MUM SAYS preparing for tot's first fun run We went for our first Hello Kitty Run on 19 December 2015 at The Float. We had to wait over an hour as the runners were released in waves (we went last, of course). Kylie was in the stroller and she blissfully slept for the entire hour-long walk, wearing the singlet that I made for her on this occasion!

Things to note when you are bringing your toddler for a run:

1. Bring a stroller

It may be cumbersome at first, lugging the stroller, but it is very handy when your tired toddler needs to sleep! I knew she could not complete the run on foot, then we would have to, yeah, carry her.

2. Take lots of photos

Most of us were walking at the Hello Kitty “Run”. The organisers made so much effort to decorate the place as such we were stopping at various corners to pose and take photos. I’m going to collect them for Kylie as she grows up!

3. Bring cash for any events at the end of the run

There was so much merchandise being sold at the post-run carnival, so bring along spare cash! We didn’t have to buy food or drinks: There were two water stations at mid-point and the end of the walk, so we were not dehydrated at all.  

Though the area was crowded, it was well organised — there was no pushing and shoving. Everyone was just relaxed and enjoying their time, like my husband, Xian Chao, Kylie and me!

Ivy Lim, 40; Kylie 21 months

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