Practical tips for educators from the lab to the classroom

Want a preview of the four seminars to be delivered by Dr Steve Miller? Which talks are most suited to the children you deal with? Check them out…

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1) The Brain & Attention: Boost your child’s ability to pay attention and make decisions 
- Learn how the brains of children aged 0 to 6 develop attention and decision-making skills.
- Get practical strategies on ways to nurture your child’s attention at home and in the classroom.

“By encouraging talking…The more we talk, the longer the memory span becomes, and the better our attention and our processing skills get.” — Dr Steve Miller

2) The Brain & Language: Prepare your child’s brain to love languages by Dr. Steve Miller
- Understand how the brain develops language abilities in the early years.
- Learn about the impact of rapid auditory processing and bilingualism on the part of the brain that handles language and learning.
- Get practical strategies on enhancing your young child’s ability to learn language.

“When two languages are learned simultaneously very early in development, they overlap in the language areas of the brain… However, when one language is learned before another is begun, then they occupy discrete areas next door to each other in the language areas of the brain.”

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3) The Brain & Attention: Improve your school-going child’s ability to focus and make good decisions 
- Understand what “executive control” is — how the brain becomes responsible for paying attention, planning, prioritising and staying focused to complete goals.
- Find out how it affects motivation and independent learning. 

4) The Brain & Reading: The link between language, reading and fluency 
- Understand how the brain masters the ability to read and write, and also the reasons some students struggle to comprehend what they read.
- Learn practical strategies to build foundations in the brain critical for reading and comprehension.
- Learn about neuroscientific tools currently implemented by US schools.

“Students’ struggles to read can be caused by any number of factors, including genetic predisposition (language and reading disabilities often run in families), middle-ear infections that may lead to blocking sound intermittently getting into the brain when phonemes are being mapped, lack of adequate and consistent exposure to words in the home during early development and/or the language used in the home is not the same as that used at school or for reading.”

Read more about Addressing Literacy Through Neuroscience by Dr Steve Miller

Mediacorp (Singapore) and BrainFit® are proud to present to you a series of seminars on the latest neuroscientific development in education and how neuroscience can impact parenting and classroom learning. Join our experts for this important discussion. To learn from Dr Steve, sign up from any of the sessions below.

30 August 2016, 9.00am to 5.00pm, Jakarta
Topics: Building critical brain foundations from ages 0 to 6
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31 August 2016, 9.00am to 5.00pm, Jakarta
Topics: Bringing neuroscience from the lab to the classroom 
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2 September 2016, 2.00pm to 5.00pm, Manila
Topics: Bringing neuroscience from the lab to the classroom 
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