Suddenly, your tot is a preteen and a handful. We’ve useful tips for surviving this challenging time with your 9-to-12-year-olds.

Parenting a preteen or tween can try even the most patient of parents. Your little girl, who was once content to twirl around in a Frozen Elsa dress while belting out “Let It Go” is now quoting Taylor Swift lyrics. As for that little boy who used to follow you to the mall, he’s now shutting himself in his room in order to do his own thing.

Indeed, junior and you will need to plot a whole new course together over school, social media, time spent with family, friends, even digital devices. And with puberty just round the corner ― hello, moody thing! ― is it any wonder you find yourself floundering?

Check out our handy hints which are aimed at arming you with all the tools you’ll need to handle whatever comes your way during this naturally tumultuous time.

Top Tips on Coping with Exam Stress

As if navigating those murky “tweenage” years isn’t tricky enough, the tension skyrockets when exam season rolls around. Constant power struggles over schoolwork, grades and setting boundaries can cause a lot of tension between you and your once sunny mini-me.

Which is why our Top Tips on Coping with Exam Stress is a must-read. Some kids feel pressured and develop stress symptoms more than others. With the heightened anxiety, your child can have mood swings (cranky, yell, cry, etc), have trouble sleeping and waking up, and even feel nausea or experience stomach upsets.

So, if you’re worried that anxiety over the looming exams might affect junior’s performance and health? Take note of what our experts have to say on how you can help ease your child’s fears.

Last but most importantly, showing your support and understanding is crucial in helping your child cope during this tough time. So, help them to see the bright side, laugh at themselves, as well as appreciate life’s plus points.

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