There are many ways you can help your students improve their school work and one of the key factors is to get them to focus. But how? We have some ways of boosting your student’s focus…

Kids-Ways to enhance your students’ level of focus

1) Give them study breaks to exercise for 10 to 20 minutes
Research shows that, to have an instant boost of concentration and mental focus, a short burst of exercise can be helpful. Exercise likely improves mental focus through increased blood flow to the brain.

2) Avoid giving your students multiple tasks
Human brains simply cannot focus on two things at the same time. Multitasking creates frantic switching in the brain as it focuses on each task for a few seconds at a time, preventing the brain from strengthening its attention span.

Take note: 80/20 Rule

Neuroscientists recommend that the optimal level for building neural connections is when the student is able to accomplish 80 per cent of the task but is challenged to complete the remaining 20 per cent. This rule allows the student to experience success and yet forces the brain to build new connections to deal with the 20 per cent of the material that they are learning to master.

The article was based on the contribution of Cheryl Chia, director of BrainFit Studios.