Throw your child a party — for under $200!

Want to create fun memories of that very special time in your young ’un’s life? We show you how — cheap!


Get creative if you aim to keep costs low, the fun factor high and still look like a hero in your child’s eyes. You don’t need to shell out big bucks for the party — just plan carefully and put in lots of “elbow grease”, aka do-everything-yourself!

          “Decide what the must-haves and the nice-to-haves are,” says Grace Goh, director of Dreams and Confetti — a party-needs shop — and Little House of Dreams bakery. “Find out what the birthday child’s top-three must-haves are.”

To minimise cost, pick a location that’s free, like a playground, or a place that charges a nominal rate, such as your void deck (check with your town council). The plentiful activities at the Tiong Bahru Adventure and Watten Estate playgrounds will also keep junior busy. Or put together a picnic at the Botanic Gardens or East Coast Park beach. For more organised events at a park, be sure to get the National Parks Board’s approval, advises The Party Elves’ Aarathi Arumugam. For indoor parties, a condo function room is a popular choice. You can also rent a room in a neighbourhood community club for about $50 to $100 per hour, depending on location, Aarathi says. But book two to three months ahead to avoid disappointment, she advises.

Get the birthday child to write or decorate thank-you notes. For a goodie bag under $2, think out-of-the-box: Kids love paper masks, bubble blowers, temporary tattoos or mini tubs of Play-Doh that you can find at party-supply stores or Daiso. Which little girl wouldn’t love a shiny bangle (from Little India), or how about old-school games like capteh and kuti-kuti for the boys? Why not fill up those goodie bags with buys from any ValuDollar or ABC store, or pick up pre-packed confetti bags ($5 each, at Dreams and Confetti)? The only problem will be sweeping up the mess the kids have happily generated…

“Kids don’t need fancy food — just whip up something easy and tasty.”  — Grace Goh, director of Dreams and Confetti and Little House of Dreams.

Use WhatsApp or Smilebox to send a free e-invite. But if you want to involve junior in the planning process, get her to write a note and attach it to a paper mask ($1 each) that her guest must wear to the party. Or find nifty printable designs for under $5 at Etsy.

You can customise most games, such as Pass the Parcel, Pin the Tail on the Donkey or Musical Statues to suit your party theme. For the older kids, organise a scavenger hunt in the park, a mini-football tournament or three-legged races.