9 reasons why being an older mum rocks!

Good things come to those who wait ― this includes motherhood!

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While picnicking at the Botanic Gardens one day, Lauren De Souza’s 2-year-old son wanted her to chase butterflies with him. The 38-year-old obliged, but had to stop frequently to catch her breath and eventually had to take a break, collapsing onto a garden chair, much to her tot’s disappointment.

“This would have been easier if you had had your child at a younger age like I did” De Souza’s 60-year-old mother told her. “You would have had more energy to play with him.”

Reflecting on her mother’s comment later that day, De Souza says, “It’s true that I would have been perkier and more energetic should I have had my son in my 20s, but then I would have also missed out so much on life as well. Also, I was such a different person in my youth, hot-headed and rash. I personally think I would have made a terrible mum.”

Delaying motherhood is a common trend in today’s modern society. In 2015, 63.6 per cent of babies born in Singapore were born to mums between the ages of 30 and 39, according to the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority’s annual report on births and deaths.

Reasons for becoming a later-in-life-mum include the desire to pursue life-long or career goals, wishing to solidify the marriage first, not meeting the right man, or simply not feeling “ready” to have children yet.

In the medical world, by the time a woman hits 35 ― the same time her fertility drops drastically ― she is said to be carrying geriatric eggs. By the time she’s 40, only two in five women will be able to conceive a baby naturally. Women who embrace motherhood later are often criticised by society for gambling with their fertility, as well as their child’s health and well-being.

Along with age and experience comes a certain amount of wisdom. You are also better at choosing your battles and thinking critically.

While time isn’t on a woman’s side when it comes to starting a family, they can realise their dreams of motherhood later in life, thanks to medical advances and adoption options. Plus, being an older mother offers so many perks!

If age is the only reason why you hesitate to have that first or second (or third) baby, maybe these reasons will sway you in the direction of the stork!

1. More settled educationally and wiser 

By the time you hit your 30s, you’ve probably added all the academic “feathers” you’ve dreamt about ― BA, MA or PhD ― in your proverbial cap. So, you’re no longer in danger of having to defer a semester because of pregnancy issues, or not acing a test or exam because bubba had kept you up all night. A known fact, too, is that better-educated mums beget better-educated children. Let’s not forget either that along with age and experience comes a certain amount of wisdom. You are also better at choosing your battles and thinking critically, less judgmental, and have a larger perspective in life, which you’ll bring into your parenting as well.

2. Attained career goals

Once you meet your educational goals, the logical next step is to realise the career you want. “I’m glad I waited to get married and have kids because I’ve always been ambitious and wanted to achieve my dream career first,” says Sandra Tan, 37, mum to Alicia, 3. “This meant working my way from the bottom and spending my 20s working late nights and taking on extra responsibilities. If I had Alicia at that point, I would have been so distracted with her and wanting to be with her as much as possible that I wouldn’t have been able give 200 per cent at work.”

3. Achieved financial stability

Joanne Tay was 35 and her husband 37 when they had their son Alex, now 4. Since they were well into their 30s when they wed and expanded their family only after several years, they not only had ample savings, they even had a retirement plan in place. “Being financially stable meant we were able to give Alex the best healthcare during delivery and as a newborn and also enrol him into the best schools,” Tay notes. “My hubby and I also don’t have to work long hours to make ends meet, thus dedicating more time to Alex.”

Six more reasons why older mums are the bomb, coming right up!